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Be Someone Who Makes You Happy

I am sure you are all familiar with the saying “Be with someone who makes you happy”, but what if YOU are that someone who can make you happy? The only one

Why are we taught that we need someone? When we all kind of know that the answers are only in us and no one else has the power to make us feel different and for sure no one can offer us happiness, if we don’t put any effort into this…

Our journey is so beautiful and full of adventures, of good, of bad… of something in between, of plain and boring from time to time, but how would we recognize excitement or pure happiness if we would have felt it every single second for the rest of our life? Imagine that!

We need the ups and downs, the failures and the success, the good and the bad… but I only wish that I have known some things a bit earlier, although I am lucky enough to have figured some things out sooner… but the thing that I wish for our children, all our children is that us, humans, will be more straightforward and honest with the realities of life…

We are so brilliant in tech, but so dumb in human contact or emotions… We avoid the obvious and run…

Photo by Kyle Sterk

The truth is that happiness is so much easier… and I’ve read that happiness is a habit that can be trained. Outrageous, right? But quite plausible… We already know that if you force yourself into smiling a couple of minutes, your body sends to your brain a positive message so you will instantly start to feel good. Or if you wear an amazing red elegant dress, you will feel great! It’s the same with our body position. If you put yourself into a Power Pose, you will feel more confident, right, so why this training wouldn’t work with happiness as well?

In the end, reality is just a perception and it’s up to you the way you see things – if you see the half full of the half empty or if you just pour the drink in a smaller cup and see it as full.

I think we will be in a pursuit of happiness all our life and like I’ve said, there are good and bad moments. But in the end, it’s up to YOU how you create your life.

You are the designer.

Destiny or free will – examples and other people’s stories have shown us all that it’s up to you to design your path as you wish.

One thing is important and even crucial: to love yourself

The rest will come naturally, you will react and act with the thought of protecting yourself in mind. That will turn into instinct. You will probably not pursue the road to self-destruction. That’s where everyone looses. But you…

YOU are a winner, my friend!

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