Fairy Tale Castle Romania

The Magical Clay Castle of The Valley of Fairies

The magical Clay Castle of the Valley of Fairies in Transylvania looks like a wonderful film set. Not only that the location is beyond beautiful, pristine and wild, but the castle itself looks like a Hobbit House. Mixing traditional and rustic styles with the modern surreal Gaudi shapes, the Clay Castle of The Valley of …

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One Question. 25 People. 6 Continents

What is Beauty? What is the meaning of “beauty”? You know when you see beauty, right? You are in awe! In front of beauty… but can we describe it? Since the beginning, humanity tried to find the meaning of beauty, to define it through art and science, but we’ve learned that it goes beyond that…  …

Veronika Guseva
Fashion & Style Inspirational Stories

Veronika Guseva: Beauty Through Her Lens

From Ukraine to Dubai, Veronika Guseva embarked on a fabulous beautiful journey to pursue her love for photography. She strives to show the true beauty of someone and her work speaks volumes of her success in doing so. Every photo is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it allows the viewer to feel the precise atmosphere …