Photography Juergen Teller, Courtesy of Vivienne Westwood
Fashion & Style

Vivienne Westwood meets Naomi Campbell in SS20 Campaign

Vivienne Westwood is one of the most fascinating fashion symbols, revolutionizing styles and trends then and now. She is the one who made modern punk and new wave huge trends, bringing them into the mainstream. Not only a brilliant designer, she is also an activist that uses fashion as a tool and a platform to …

Culture Empowerment

Bombshell: The First Major ‘Me Too’ Film

The hit film “Bombshell” featuring Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman and Margot Robbie is the real story of the women at Fox News who exposed CEO Roger Ailes and a couple more men for sexual harassment. Not only that the film shines through its breathtaking acting of this amazing cast, but it is also the first …

Bruno Thethe
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Life doesn’t start at a certain age. Life starts NOW!

Life doesn’t start at a certain age. Life starts NOW! Life starts from the moment you are born! I keep reading these posts that say “Life starts after 30!” No, wait! “Life starts after 40!” Actually, wait ’til you reach 50 and then you’ll see! As a matter of fact, 60 is the new 30! …