the shape of dreams

The Shape of Dreams

I have always been fascinated by my dreams, by these vivid and immersive experiences of sensations, colorful images, emotions and movie-like travels. I’ve always had such rich dreams that made me feel like I was actually living them, like they were a part of my reality. I feel like traveling to another dimension when I fall asleep.

Scientists argue that dreams are a result of random neural activity in the brain. Random images, random sensations or ideas, just a vivid collage of your thoughts and experiences. Some say that dreams help us process the information that we receive, that they help us process emotions and memories, they turn these into nice stories that we witness in our sleep.

On the other hand, Freud said that our dreams are the unconscious desires, hidden wishes and motivations. Another theory says that dreams are a mere rehearsal of the upcoming threats in life, like when we dream that we are chased or that we are falling. Our brain prepares us to face danger. I believe it’s a mixture of all of these.

What is interesting is that we experience the same themes in our dreams. We dream about the people we know or that we haven’t met yet, about travels, emotions, natural events or supernatural, falling or flying. We share our dreams, regardless of our nationality or language. Our dreams guide us through life and through our stages and challenges that we meet along this beautiful journey.

I used to write my dreams in a diary and I have recently found some very interesting ones. Here are some of my dreams.

…these vivid and immersive experiences of sensations, colorful images, emotions and movie-like travels.

Parallel Dimensions: A Surreal Journey

I just woke up with a bizarre dream in my head, filled with extraordinary images swirling around. I was staying with a close friend in a spacious apartment right next to the beach, where people were lounging on the walls as if it were a bustling marketplace or a shady retreat.

One day, my friend revealed to me the existence of a gate in the center of the city that could transport you to a parallel universe, a place she frequented. Intrigued, we embarked on a journey together to purchase a gift for a guy named Paul, who was a DJ or something similar. The gate was somehow associated with a bus or a subway, not a portal itself. We had to take a specific bus, change at a particular station, following a designated path or code. Eventually, we arrived.

To my surprise, the parallel universe appeared remarkably similar to our own, except for a distinct difference in colors. Eager to find a great present, we stumbled upon a lady selling books on the streets, and I bought a history book. Strangely, the history of this alternate world was entirely different.

From that point onward, the dream’s pace shifted dramatically. I felt a sense of tension, as if I were being pursued, and my friend suddenly vanished. Somehow, I managed to return to our world, but it felt subtly altered. People seemed more anxious. I remember standing on that slice of beach. Some guys approached and sat next to me, filled with anger and acting aggressively. Eventually, I left the apartment where other familiar faces from the past were present, carrying the book with me. Although I never got the chance to read it, its pages had already crumbled and fallen apart. Determined, I boarded a bus headed towards the parallel universe, hoping to return, but this time it proved impossible.

Instead, I found myself standing in front of a magnificent palace in a stunning world. The colors were vibrant and radiant, even though the surroundings appeared to be desert-like. Mesmerized, I entered through the gates and encountered my friend and this guy, Paul. However, before I could accomplish anything, more people arrived, and we began to explore this enchanting land together. Throughout it all, I clung to the book, desperately wanting to give it to Paul as my gift. Unfortunately, the pages continued to disintegrate. The dream abruptly ended at this point, leaving me with a mind filled with beautiful, luminous images.

The Labyrinthine Dreamscape

In another night, I dreamt this:

I found myself traversing into another dimension, embarking on hours of uninterrupted time travel within my dream. The boundaries of space and the laws of gravity were defied as I ventured onward.

Within a grand theater hall adorned with burgundy velvet chairs, I spotted my childhood friends. Eagerly, I took a seat beside them, and soon another friend joined me. More familiar faces gathered in front of me until I realized I was encircled by a cherished circle of friends. They were lodged in a vintage downtown hotel, a 1920s mansion where every aspect exuded authenticity, transporting you back to that era. The staff were attired accordingly, embracing the fashion of the time.

One night, we overheard a couple engaged in a heated argument. It appeared that a recently published book centered around them, written by a writer who had been living amongst them. The book delved into their lives, exposing their names, relationships, and history. Accusations were hurled, and she was unjustly labeled as promiscuous… unsurprisingly.

The following day, I ventured into a bustling festival, this time alone. I entered a sprawling futuristic complex, with towering floors and seemingly never-ending staircases. Elevators ascended and descended without clear destinations. Opting for the stairs, I ascended to the first floor when something extraordinary occurred—the floor seemed to distort. Walking became an arduous task, and a sensation of falling enveloped me. It was as if the laws of physics ceased to function, and gravity dissolved instantaneously, replaced by an entirely new set of rules.

Seeking respite, I boarded an elevator and encountered a girl and a boy. The boy displayed an evident fondness for the girl, while she seemed drawn to me. Within the confines of the elevator, we coexisted with perfect balance. The boy struggled to remain upright, constantly sliding, while we retained our equilibrium. The elevator appeared to be the sole place where gravity, as we understand it, maintained its significance. The remainder of this newfound world resembled a colossal plasticine sculpture governed by unfamiliar laws…

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