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Love Letter to Your Body

Have you ever thought of writing a letter to your body?

I honestly didn’t have this thought until I turned 30. It’s like I wasn’t even fully aware of my body until I hit 30.

I took it for granted.

I’ve always felt that my body has a secret superpower. It doesn’t get sick, doesn’t get tired, doesn’t age.

I still feel these, but somehow I have become aware of everything that my body put up with… the things that I eat, drink, the air that I breath, the extra hours that I spend awake when my body only wants to sleep.

Why do we do that? Why do we always act like superheroes? Why do we never learn?

I think we will never learn… we just capture that pure joyful moment when we feel perfect and we don’t care about the future. You feel perfect when you eat that delicious creamy cake! We never think about the consequences…

I am always amazed when I see what my cat eats and how she reacts to certain food that we definitely eat. Her whole body disagrees with some semi-prepared food, like it is poison! And I am sure it is to a certain degree, yet we don’t care and we still eat it… She knows! She outsmarts us!

I have written recently a story on people with disabilities who model, who have found the power to overcome their disability and use these uniqueness to make something great out of their life, to shine and to be in complete power! We are PERFECT… healthy, looking good, looking GREAT, having all the SENSES and still find the silliest reason to feel miserable, like “my hair doesn’t sit right” (imagine this said in a high-pitch winy voice)

Why do we punish ourselves? Why do we punish our body all the time?

I don’t think that the outside world helps us so much either, as if we have been taught to love ourselves, then we wouldn’t have been in this place. But we see at our parents, then teachers all these miserable small things and we copy them. Sometimes, they even put all this pressure on us – the pressure of not being too good enough, of not looking pretty, of not being “clean” as we just wanted to play in dirt as a kid, of not having “nice” and “clean” clothes, not sitting straight, chewing with your mouth open and so many silly things that actually create this persona that will always have something to think about.

Something that may not be RIGHT… just because you know that there is no way that you can actually be perfect! No one is perfect, right? What if we all are perfect? What if there is no wrong? Shouldn’t we question all these “traditions”? It is clearly that we are not really in a good place when everybody all around the world is forcing their body to be better! To look good! And, hey, if nature was no good, no worries! We have surgery! 

Sometimes, this is a necessary thing, a good thing, but the need, frustration, anxiety of people changing so drastically, it is just an extra pressure for everyone else and of course for the children of today who will want more in the future, who will hate their body…

I still don’t understand why do we judge so much our appearance, instead of our actions? Instead of our beliefs, thoughts and achievements? We are a smart species, why are we so stupid in this aspect? There would be many more healthy bodies if the situation would be so…

So, I ask you again:

Have you ever thought of writing a letter to your body?

Maybe, you should…

It took me 30 years to do so, but I hope I can see this video after 30 years and think that this thing changed the way I interact with my own body…

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