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Have you ever wanted to try something different when visiting a place, taste the flavor of a city through the locals’ perspective or have a unique experience and fully live the wanderlust?

We all know that this doesn’t really happen in the guided tours created especially for tourists, but not for travelers… We are travelers at core and we want something different…

What if I tell you that there is an amazing travel community, an unusual travel guide created to enrich your experience in Sri Lanka

TRAVSOME is your different travel lifestyle hub that revolves around “curated suggestions” by the travelers from the Travsome Community. Here you will find the free-spirited inspiring people from all over the world who have the same wanderlust as you and who will inspire and empower you in the adventure of your lifetime. 

When I have stumbled upon this community on Facebook I was so happy and impressed, that I immediately wrote to them as I have wanted to share their story with the world. Not to mention that Sri Lanka is on my bucket list 🙂 

I loved their fast reply and I was honored to be contacted by the founder of Travsome, Tharanga Jayakody, who told me all about his idea and the concept behind Travsome.

Tharanga Jayakody (first on the right) with some of his TRAVSOME team

It all started from his love to Sri Lanka and the desire to promote it, but he didn’t know at first how big and engaging this community will become.

Now, he dreams further and he wants to bring this free, beautiful and wonderful way of traveling and of engaging with fellow travelers to the whole world, to make TRAVSOME a global brand!

Real adventure cannot be bought at a travel agent’s desk, but revealed slowly through wet train rides curving around misty mountains; tuk tuk rides into sleepy towns in search of the island’s best chai; hanging on to a community of sun-kissed shoulders on rented scooters, making its way to cozy hostels or boutique hotels on the coast; singing a quirky song you made up with like-minded individuals whilst waiting for a local bus going in the direction of a rustic Surf & Yoga Camp by the sea.

Tharanga Jayakody, founder of TRAVSOME

The 4 bones that make up Travsome are Travel, Experiences, Lifestyle and Digital Storytelling. The soul of it is Community.

Tharanga Jayakody, founder of TRAVSOME

The amazing storytellers from the Travsome Community will guide you, as a new traveler, into the best parts of Sri Lanka. Their ideas, suggestions and even companion will create this magical experience that TRAVSOME brings. 

With over 55K followers, TRAVSOME is a growing community that brings people together from all over the world, people with the same passions, desires, ideas, creating great stories together and amazing adventures. 

Check out this video to learn more about them and follow TRAVSOME on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook for inspiring moments and give them a message next time when you are in Sri Lanka or if you plan to visit it! 

Thank you, guys, for the amazing inspiration! You are AWESOME! TRAVSOME 🙂 

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