top travel essentials

Top Travel Essentials

When considering what to take with you on a trip, things can get out of hand, especially if you plan a longer journey. Things are also challenging if you plan a more adventurous trip with lots of cities involved, where anything on wheels just doesn’t work. If you also book low cost flights and take just one bag on board, you know that size matters and if you by any chance don’t fit their requirements, you end up paying twice the ticket. It happened to me once with a low cost company, when my very small troller fitted in their requirements, but just the small wheels were out. Boom! 40 euros just for some small wheels that didn’t fit. I’ve learned my lesson and started using only very spacious backpacks ๐Ÿ™‚ Here are my travel essentials and some tips on taking the perfect clothes with you.

1. Passport, Money, Phone

These go without saying! I always take the passport, even if I travel throughout Europe and I could use just my ID. However, my passport is electronic and in the airports that have those self check-in security allow me to pass in a couple of seconds and avoid the huge queues.

2. Portable Phone Charger

This is most of the times, the second most important thing and if you have an iPhone, you know how precious this is. I have a very good charger from Asus that is almost 3 years old and gets fully charged in one night and I can use it at least for 4-5 full charges on my phone.

3. iPhone Wallet Case

Shop at Artpointone on Etsy

I have recently got this amazing wallet case from Artpointone on Etsy that not only protects my phone, but it has space for my credit cards, ID and money, which is amazing when you want to save up space and keep close to you the most important things. And if you are like me and always keep your hand on your phone – either in your pocket or using it, then no one can ever steal this from my hand ๐Ÿ™‚

4. Spacious Backpack

If you like to move a lot and not stay in just one place, then a backpack is definitely easier to carry on. There are cities in which you will never want to have anything on wheels, like Positano, for example, where every street is made of stairs. The most important thing that turns a backpack into a great one is its compartments and multiple zippers. For me, a laptop compartment is essential and that is why I love the backpacks from Quechua. They are of great quality, lightweight, with waterproof protection and have lots of zippers that make it so easy to keep your beauty products in one place, your laptop safely in another compartment, while your clothes have their own space too.

5. Travel Pillow from Doccii

Click on photo to shop the Doccii travel pillow on Amazon

I am the kind of traveler who sleeps like a baby everywhere I go! However, when I first tried the travel pillow from Doccii, I felt that I’ve landed in heaven. It’s so incredibly soft and it relaxed me completely in just a couple of seconds. Sleeping while traveling just turned into something so much better and now I never travel without it! Doccii also offers ear plugs and a sleeping mask with this amazing pillow! Highly recommend it!

Doccii Travel Pillow

6. Convertible Clothes

In summer it is definitely easier to pack, as the clothes are so much thinner and lighter and you can take more with you, but what do you do in spring or fall? That’s why we, here at TEYXO, came up with the Convertible Clothes collection. Why not have a jacket that turns into a vest and why not have a jumpsuit that turns into a dress and a long coat for fall that turns into a short jacket?

Convertible Military Jacket by TEYXO (click the photo to shop)

This is how this collection was born and not only that it is very practical, but we aimed to be stylish as well. I have seen other convertible clothes before that were way too sporty for my taste and usually in grey or black, nothing fancy, just practical. We wanted to mix practicality with both comfort and style.

TIP: Never fold the clothes, roll them ๐Ÿ˜‰ You will have so much more space!

7. Earphones & Devil Speaker from Ale Hop

Wherever I go, I need my music ๐Ÿ™‚ I always have at least 2 pair of earphones, just in case I lose one or they stop working. I have also got from Spain this amazingly powerful speaker with just 15 euros from Ale Hop. It connects via Bluetooth on all your devices and it is so loud and so very small. You can basically put it in a pocket and have a party on the go.

8. Camera Gear

Since I love filming, I always take my camera with me. I currently use a mirrorless Canon with a Rodeo mic, that is great for vlogs and also for photography. However, I find it sometimes easier and quicker to catch the moment with my iPhone. To get those perfect smooth shots, I plan on getting a stabilizer for smartphones that you can easily put in a pocket. It is very light and you can film both in landscape mode and vertical for Instagram stories and more.

9. My Beauty Kit

I always carry all my beauty essentials in a plastic bag with zipper, perfect for flying and ready any time to just take it with me and go. Since I prefer the carry-on, I always take cream bottles or perfumes that are 100ml or less, to comply with the airport policies. Luckily, I don’t normally use too much make up, so I just have face cream, foundation, eye concealer, mascara, blush, perfume and red lipstick always! These are the essentials and I don’t stress out too much about other things like shower gel as I can always buy that from wherever I go.

10. Sunglasses

Lastly, but not least, I always take my sunnies with me! I just love sunglasses and I have more than 60 pairs. I always buy new sunglasses from a new city. That is my souvenir ๐Ÿ™‚ I always take with me at least 2 or 3 pairs of sunglasses to match my outfits or depending on how lightweight they are and less likely to get damaged while traveling.

Photo from Cappadocia

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