Citrus Snapper Ceviche

Citrus Snapper Ceviche

Originated in Peru, the Citrus Snapper Ceviche has the up-market Australian palette in mind with the fresh lemon olive oil and its citrus beads consisting of orange, lemon and lime flavoring with molecular elements.

Prepared by Mr. Cheffy

Executive Chef in Perth, Australia


120g snapper thinly sliced

1L olive oil

100ml olive oil

1 ea lemon juice and zest

1 ea red Serrano chilli deseeded and finely diced

5g corriander finely chopped 

Scattering microherbs  (lemon balm and chervil)

Molecular beads


4 ea limes tested and juiced

100ml water 

4g agar agar

2-4 drops green food colouring


2 ea lemons tested and juiced

200ml water

4g agar agar 

2-4 drops yellow food colour


2 ea orange zested and juiced

100ml water

4g agar agar 

2-4 drops orange food colour

Citrus Snapper Ceviche
Citrus Snapper Ceviche

Method for beads

Firstly, add the 1L olive oil in a tall glass and put it in the freezer to get cold as soon as possible.

Start with the orange beads, mix the juice and zest with water, add the color to the desired color and put it on the heater.

Whisk in agar agar and stir while it comes to a light boil. When it thickens take off heat and using eye dropper or pour mixture into a small squeezey bottle and slowly drip it into the cold oil. The cold oil will set the mix and the density of the oil will create a small sphere.

Let it sink to the bottom and it’s ready to go. Wait for 5 seconds… it’s really quick.

Use slotted spoon to scoop out beads and wash in warm water (nothing above 50°c) drain and store in container.

Put the olive oil back in the freezer and repeat the method for other flavors.

Lemon oil

Use the 100ml olive oil

And lemon juice and zest, mix them together and put in squeezey bottle.

Set aside

Put together

120g snapper sliced very thinly and delicately placed on a serving plate covering the centre/middle of the plate

Spiraling out

Shake the lemon oil and drizzle over the snapper, pinch the chilly and discover the fish as well as the coriander, add all or as you desire (add all for an intense flavor) now with the beads you can spoon over the dish or as like the picture and spoon in the centre.

Cut the microherbs and scatter around the outside of the plate to make the dish look more full.

Sprinkle with sea salt (flake salt) and serve chilled with a crisp larger or cider or even a sav blanc for a tartier palette cleanser.


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