La Dolce Vita in Sicily

There are so many reasons to visit Sicily! The sun, the colors, the breathtaking views and the Fellini atmosphere are definitely some of them. The food, undoubtedly, is another enticing aspect that will draw you here. Enjoying a Filet di manzo alla griglia, while admiring the mighty Etna is definitely a moment to remember!


The sun, the colors, the breathtaking views and the Fellini atmosphere…

One of the pearls of the Italian island is definitely the small city Taormina, near Catania, at about 44 miles from the Catania airport or a 1-hour drive. Having a rich history, being inhabited by both the Greeks and finally the Romans, the small and intimate city became a corner of paradise for the artists in the late 19th Century and the beginning of the 20th Century and a lot of writers, photographers or painters have found their muse in the peaceful city.

Truman Capote stayed here for one year in the 1950s and personalities like Jean Cocteau or Tennessee Williams have visited Taormina and were inspired by it in their writings.

There are a lot of things to see, like the Ancient Theater, the Public Gardens – Giardini della Villa Comunale, The Duomo, Isola Bella and of course, Mount Etna and each and every place has a unique intimacy and sort of a peaceful rhythm that will immediately get under your skin and you will fall in love with it.

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…will immediately get under your skin…

Take a walk with us and explore some of the streets of Taormina! Catch a glimpse of its beautiful atmosphere and its lovely people in the video below!

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