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First day in Lisbon, I decide to go to São Jorge Castle, a beautiful Moorish castle on top of a hill with gorgeous views of Lisbon. I was already in love with Lisbon, but the view from there is absolutely breathtaking. It was already afternoon, so I could see an unforgettable sunset and just take all the beauty in.


While I was there, I thought it would be great to have a glass of wine and just relax, contemplating the colorful and vibrant Lisbon from above. Well, my wish was fulfilled as right in front I saw a lovely red truck where you could get special Portuguese wine.

“Ahhh!”, I gasped and ran to the truck to get a glass of red wine. A lovely man greeted me and served me with one of the best Portuguese wines in a lovely personalized glass where I read “Wine with a view”!

“Very inspired name”, I said!

Wine with a view

“Relax, take a glass of wine with you”

The next day I was in Belém and I have recognized the same red truck with wine. I went straight to it, knowing what to ask and I have met the lovely Filipa who made my stay in Lisbon even better as she told me so many great tips, the best restaurants, great cool hip places to visit and the best fun fact, that I didn’t know, that the famous actor John Malkovich has two restaurants in Lisbon! Now that’s another guy who just loves Lisbon!

Filipa and I instantly connected so we became friends and she told me later that Portugal inspires people to be free, friendly, beautiful and better! Yes, that is so right! When I have returned home, I kept thinking of “Wine with a view” and how I have to write about this idea as it is such a great and inspired business so I wrote to Filipa who put me in contact with the lovely Stefanie who told me all about this amazing idea. So, here’s the story…

The Story

“Wine with a view” was founded in 2014 by the passionate Bárbara Vidal, who was inspired by the food trucks of New York and thought to bring this concept in the amazing Lisbon. The concept is really simple and the name so inspired, as it is all about sipping a glass of great Portuguese wine and enjoy the view: Wine with a view! Perfect!

Bárbara Vidal
Bárbara Vidal

The first cart was designed by industrial designers Luis Nascimento and Elisabete Reis and was inside São Jorge Castle. Then they brought another one in the Belém area, having now  2 trucks in Belém and the one at the castle, that I have first experienced.

In 2017, Wine with a view has received the Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor.

Wine with a view

They have also launched their online store so that their Portuguese wines can be bought all over the world. So if you wish to taste Lisbon, you can do it on their official website:

They are also present at many events from birthday parties, weddings, corporate events and even the Mercedes Benz events, Tissot or Harvard University. So if you are in Lisbon or around and need great wine for your event or party, you know who to call!

wine with a view

Their popularity is really great and you know for sure why, as the set up is just wonderful! All the team is absolutely amazing, really friendly and they make you feel like home, like you are serving wine with your friends – that’s the whole vibe of it. It doesn’t even need a fancy place as the whole idea is to relax, be free, drink great wine, have good company and enjoy the view!

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