Filet of veal with violette truffle and garden vegetables

Filet of Veal with Violette Truffle and Garden Vegetables

Prepared by Sebastian Neiderhell

Head Chef in Schliersee, Bavaria, Germany

We use:

  • Veal Filet
  • Violette Potatoes
  • Vegetables (at your choice)
  • Carrots
  • Tomatoes
  • Leek
  • Celeriac
  • Onions
  • Spices
  • Red Wine

Filet of veal with violette truffle and garden vegetables

Preparation by Sebastian:

1. First you make the Demiglace of Veal Bones.

I make it like every other sauce of bones with carrots, leek, celeriac and onions, roasted veal bones, spices, much red wine and a little bit tomato.

Then I let it cook for 1 day, give it through a fine screen, make in another pot a reduction of Portwine and the put in the jus. Then reducing to the right thickness and salting.

2. Then I make the Mousseline of Violette Potatoes, washing them, peeling, steaming till they are soft.

Prepare in a pot – butter and onion cubes, the soft potatoes and heavy cream.

Then I put it through a potatoe press, make a emulsion and then I brush it through a fine screen

3. Then I take the Veal Filet, cut off the tendon, tie it that it have a similar thickness, salting and spicing, sous vide to 52 degree Celsius, grilling, slicing and serve!
4. The last but not least, the Garden Vegetables: washing, peeling if necessary, stewing it in Butter, vegetable stock and spices. Serve!
Finishing with fresh garden cress
Add leeks ash (the black powder in the photo)


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