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Bye Bye, Standard Sizes! Hello, Custom Sizes!

In a world that is so rapidly changing and evolving into a better one, why should anyone settle for less? We all work so much to improve our services, to bring more on the table and improve the way of our lives, that there was never a better time for us!

In the last years, mass production took over and people used to buy whatever they were seeing in stores, no matter if the fit was not always the best. Now, everyone is looking for their own designer to create custom made items for them.  You don’t even need to be with the designer in the same room. This is the magic of the internet and the tools that we have today. Who would have thought of that 20 years ago?

The Future of Retail

The future must be even more exciting, as I imagine a whole wardrobe built in Virtual Reality and you trying on all different clothes like in a dream game. Maybe in 10 years, we will also have holograms and the old fashioned Skype will be through a hologram where you can interact with your designer in creating the perfect outfit.

The future of retail is definitely evolving as you no longer need to go into a store and pick something up, a one-size goofy shirt, just because you have no other choice. Now you have!

Competition is so high nowadays and that only means that retailers and brands fight to improve their services every day and that comes only into your advantage because these custom made clothes, especially for you have become more and more popular, turning into a huge trend!

Custom Made for You

To be honest, we have had customers who have never tried custom made clothing and they didn’t even know that this is a real option, like a true authentic process and not just something used for marketing. And the results were incredible! The customers were literally mind-blown when they have tried on the custom made piece and saw the results.

But this is about to change, as the trend is rising! Customers are demanding more and more custom made clothing and the rise of technology will definitely make things easier for both the brand and the customer.

Fun fact? This trend is not really an evolution of technology! Custom made was right in the beginning!

People had their clothes custom made in the past. Clothing used to be made exclusively for its owner.

Then we all know what happened when production in mass hit society and big companies started to sell and sell and sell and make people to buy and buy and buy… That didn’t do any good and just made a couple of people richer…

But we are getting smarter as customers, right? We know that we deserve better! People no longer need lots and lots of okay-ish clothes and they go after the unique!

Quality comes first!

Quantity is no longer in fashion and although customers still wish to buy affordable and not luxurious, retailers have now opened the door to affordable, yet of quality!

The future is definitely exciting and the world will get some more colors soon, as people will build up a refreshing style, creating new personas. We are living exciting times when we can create…

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