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Life doesn’t start at a certain age. Life starts NOW!

Life doesn’t start at a certain age. Life starts NOW!

Life starts from the moment you are born!

I keep reading these posts that say “Life starts after 30!” No, wait! “Life starts after 40!” Actually, wait ’til you reach 50 and then you’ll see! As a matter of fact, 60 is the new 30! But, we all know that these are just pills of sugar to make you feel better, the “you” who kept waiting for something to pass and for another chapter of life to begin!

I am saying to you now that you don’t need to wait! Now is NOW! Tomorrow might never come, so whatever you dream of doing, start doing it!

Every age and every time has its magic and its flavor, but let’s stop fooling each other, let’s be real! Let’s not wait for another year to write down some resolutions on a piece of paper that you will lose by February 1st.

We keep living every day like we are immortals and we spend so much time doing nothing. I know, it’s hard, we are lazy, it’s hard to get out of that comfort zone, but we may not have tomorrow… We know for a fact that we have TODAY!

I used to do it too. “Now is not the right time!” Sounds familiar? “I am not ready yet!” Guess what? You will never be ready!

We are not ready for love when we are teens.

We are not ready for life when we finish college.

We are not ready to be parents.

We are not ready to have a career.

We are not ready to start that business.

We are not ready to fail.

We are not ready to win.

We are not ready to get old.

We are not ready to die.

We will never be ready. We will always fail, hit hard, break and then… get up and start it all over again!

How many times did you fall when you learned as a child to walk? What if you had the fear of failure back then? You would never walk!

Sometimes, keeping that child alive is the best thing you can do.

We are never ready and yet, we grow and we move through life with an insatiable thirst of feeling everything that we can. An insatiable need of living!

So, now, please start living! Don’t wait for anything else!


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