Chef Sean Street

Fish and Ground Provisions

Prepared by Chef Sean Streete

Dine Diaspora Featured Chef 2017

Serves: Approximately 4 people

Ingredients for Potato Mousse:

2 ea. Yukon Gold Potatoes (Peeled and Diced)
½ C. Heavy Cream
2 C. Water
1 ea. Egg White
tt Kosher Salt
—Agar Agar 1.5% of total weight of all the above ingredients.

Ingredients for Salmon Mousse:

1 lb. Salmon (Diced and Chilled)
2 ea. Eggs Yolks
2 ea. Egg Whites (Whipped to stiff peaks)
1 C. Heavy Cream
tt Kosher Salt

Chef Sean Street

Method for Potato Mousse:

In a sauce pot; add water, salt and potatoes; cook until tender; drain and return to pot with heavy
cream and agar agar. Bring the mixture to simmer and transfer to blender. Blend until smooth
with egg white; pass through a chinois fine and reserve in a piping bag.

Method for Salmon Mousse:

In a food processer; pulse salmon, salt, egg yolks and heavy cream. Pass mixture through sieve
and transfer to a mixing bowl and fold in the egg whites. Reserve in a piping bag.

Having the acetate formed into a cylinder; alternate between piping both mousses into the acetate
mold. Seal the mold; and poach lightly for 20 minutes.

Remove mousse from acetate; portion and plate amongst seasonal ingredients. The use of
seasonal herbs such as coriander blooms, and pickled ingredients such as the kohlrabi, will help
to elevate and bring balance to this dish.


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