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The Benefits of Custom Made Clothing

I know! “Custom made” sounds so posh and… expensive, right? It also seems a bit complicated, but let me walk you through the amazing benefits of Custom Made clothing and I am sure that you will never want to make any purchase other way!

When we first started the brand in 2014 we knew that we will reach potential customers worldwide and each and every one of them will be unique, will have unique features, unique measurements and will definitely not fit into the standard sizes, so we need to customize every item according to their measurements. The best part of it is that we can! We produce every item in our workshop so we can make it longer, shorter or however we wish to fit the needs of the customer.

1. Get the BEST Fit 

I am sure that you experienced many times the “not-so-well” fit from any local mall or shops who have already clothes produced in standard sizes. I myself have ALWAYS had this problem especially in length. I am 5’9” so not a hugely tall woman and still all the jeans or pants that I find are short. Not to mention the sleeves of jackets are always above my wrist. Not great! And I’m not even getting into other details. I am sure you’ve been there!

Isn’t it the time to have something that fits close to PERFECT? I think so! If you go to a local tailor, it may be quite expensive, but we offer this service for FREE as we make the item for your from scratch so why not getting it right the first time?

Imagine that it is usually hard to get a good fit especially since there is this long distance involved and not trying on the item, which hopefully will change in the future with the help of 3D Apps. But the only thing that we have and can get you the right fit is the measurement. I know that this may be an impediment for you sometimes as you think that you are not getting it right or you need some help, but I promise you very shortly a video on how to get the right measurements. It is actually very easy and it can change your life, promise!

2. SAVE on Shipping 

We all know that shipping is quite expensive, especially for international shipping AND with the express service that we use, but we have a contract with the shipping company so we have a better price for sending, but we can’t offer the same price (not yet!) for returns so you need to cover that cost, which honestly may be not so cheap even with the standard mail. So why not eliminate this stress from the whole shopping process that is meant to be fun, relaxing and in the end making you feel absolutely fabulous! Like a QUEEN! Between you and me, customizing all the items got us a very low return rate which is absolutely fantastic as it is our proof that this system works! You don’t even have to send us your measurements every time, once is enough and we will make sure that every item that we make for you is close to perfection!

3. Quality over Quantity

The handmade process is very different from the way big fashion companies work. Their goal is to have the minimum production cost and make the maximum out of it, fast and in mass! We work completely different. We care about every design that we make. We choose carefully the fabrics and then we look at every detail of the item to make sure it is of the highest quality possible. Furthermore, we also have the customer in mind when we make it, we have their measurements and we know what he or she prefers, so this personal touch is irreplaceable.

4. Bring your Personal Style at a new level 

Life’s too short to wear boring clothes, right? I don’t know who said that, but he or she said it right! And let’s face it, the clothes that you find in malls or general stores are insanely boring and the same. I don’t want to hurt anyone and I value every business and admire their success but this is the reality and many of our customers have expressed the same. They told us that they come for the different clothing and a better fit as well. Fitting is the most important part and then comes the design into action!

5. Save Time & Effort 

Isn’t it great to shop from your bed? I love technology and it definitely made our lives better! You don’t have to spend hours and hours shopping for the right dress and when you finally find it, oops! they don’t have it in your size… damn! Not here! We have everything in YOUR SIZE! There is no plus or petite or skinny or whatever, it’s just YOUR SIZE as YOUR BODY IS RIGHT and we try to eliminate labels and stereotypes. We also make slight changes for our designs, so if you wish short sleeves instead of long and small things like that, we can easily adjust.

But don’t worry if we really don’t have the time to take your measurements, as we do have a size chart that you can check and just choose a standard size: we work with that too! So are you convinced yet that custom made clothing is just great? Don’t hesitate to drop me a line, if you still have questions and I will be more than happy to tell you more! Videos are coming soon as well!

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  1. I like that you said that you can be sure that your clothing isn’t going to be boring and will be fun if you will consider custom-made clothing. My sister and I not happy with how our clothes look like. We’ll have a family reunion party, and we’d like everyone to wear statement shirts with the best designs. We’ll be sure to start finding a reliable custom shirt designer.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing! Yes, that is so true. I myself struggled with short sleeves and pants were never too long, although I am just 5’9” but that is why I have started the brand TEYXO. Have you seen our shop? We custom make all our designs according to your measurements, and we can also do small adjustments of the designs. A family reunion party sounds amazing! Maybe we can help? Looking forward to hear from you!

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