Feeling Good in Your Own Skin

Feeling good in your own skin may not be an easy task, especially nowadays with all the media, ads and magazines that show how the “perfect body” should look like. And these images meet our children and teenagers who grow up with a low-self esteem.

There are campaigns now that bend the rules and change this. There are celebrities who go “make-up free” to enforce this and I am sure things will regain their balance, but the fight is not won yet and there are so many people and not only young people who deal with low self-esteem.

This may be one of our greatest problems of adult life and of life in general. We all have insecurities and no matter how strong we may seem, we deal with them every day. The key is to not let yourself overwhelmed, but continue to overcome them and feel more confident, beautiful and amazing day by day.

This section of TEYXO’s lifestyle magazine is dedicated to this struggle and fight, in an attempt to make you, the reader, feel better and to analyze and explore this theme.

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