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Jodie Comer’s Remarkable Victory: Tony Award Triumph as Best Actress in a Play

Our beloved Villanelle does it again! She wins best performance for an actress in Prima Facie at the 76th Tony Awards. She was nominated along amazing actresses such as Jessica Chastain who has a remarkable performance as Nora in Ibsen’s A Doll’s House, Jessica Hecht in Summer, 1976 and Audra McDonald in Ohio State Murders.

Jodie Comer Tony

Jodie also won an Emmy award for her mind-blowing and magnetic performance as Villanelle in Killing Eve. Jodie’s acting talent is nothing short of remarkable, captivating audiences with her ability to bring complex characters to life on stage. Her performances are a testament to her versatility and dedication, as she effortlessly navigates the depths of emotions and portrays twisted nuances with authenticity.

In Prima Facie, Jodie plays Tessa Ensler. Tessa, a talented lawyer known for defending clients accused of sexual assault, unexpectedly finds herself on the other side of the courtroom. As a victim of rape, she courageously takes off on a journey of justice, determined to unveil the truth and reclaim her own story.

As most great actors, Jodie is very fond of her own characters. In previous interviews she said that she learned so much from Villanelle and se discovered in herself the fearless side, the bold and daring character which Villanelle has. She speaks greatly of Tessa as well, mentioning that she was her greatest teacher, while thanking Susie Miller for writing such a masterpiece.

This has been my greatest honor, and it continues to be these three weeks left.

Jodie Comer in her acceptance speech at the 76th Tony Awards

Broadway Debut

Prima Facie is a one-woman show and Jodie is alone on stage for 100 minutes, so this makes it even more challenging and thrilling for the actress. She also doesn’t have much experience with the stage, this being her second play and her Broadway debut! It is beyond amazing how she did it and on top of that, won a Tony award as well! Jodie’s versatility knows no boundaries! And we are in awe to that!

Jodie in Prima Facie, Credit: HELEN MURRAY/The Hollywood Reporter

I think it is absolutely difficult and challenging, but it really invigorates me. I feel like I’m having a conversation with 800-plus people every night and getting to see how it moves them. And I think in theater, the energy is very kinetic, and it’s so addictive. I just feel so, so lucky that I’m able to be part of this huge puzzle of people who brought this together.

Jodie Comer, The Hollywood Reporter Interview
Prima Facie poster
Prima Facie Poster

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