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Celebrating 1 Year

One year ago, we were launching this lifestyle magazine & hub and it’s so incredible how fast time flies and yet again how much one can achieve in one year. Many stories have been told and new ones are yet to come…

I have created this hub as a virtual space where people all over the world could come and get inspired by empowering stories from our current times. I feel that we, as women mostly, have yet a long way to go in order to get a place at the table – as they say! But why not create our own table? 🙂

The internet has opened so many doors that I couldn’t even imagine when I was a kid. My dreams were limited. My dreams were to grow and fight for that place at the table… but I have realized at some point that this is no longer required. Yet, my whole life I was taught and trained in a way… Imagine how confusing can it be at first when you see there is a different way… you may feel that all you did so far was in vain. But, you will see that in fact you have had only to gain and every experience brought you more knowledge and more power!

I hope that this virtual space will bring that to you too, dear reader! And that is: knowledge and power – the two are intertwined! Knowledge will always bring you power and when I say power, I mean the power of being at peace with yourself and not being in any way wrongly influenced or manipulated. Being in control of your own body, your own person and having your own voice to speak your mind! This is the power that is in fact a basic human right.

Now, more stories await and our mission to brighten up the world, inspire and empower is getting greater day by day, as more people join the TEYXO journey!

teyxo style

The brand that we have started 5 years ago has brought joy and light into the life of many fantastic customers all over the world from United States to Australia, Mexico to Germany, Turkey to Japan and so on. I hope we have inspired and empowered through our stylish elegant dresses, out-of-the-box outfits, street jackets and statement accessories and now we want to offer you more!

Thank you for joining us since the beginning and seeing us grow and make a difference in the world! Together we are powerful and together we can shape and create the world that we want!

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