Our Vision

TEYXO was born from the need of having both practical and stylish clothes – fun, colorful and vibrant in which you can feel that you can step up on a stage right this moment. It is the project of Lara & Mariana, a mother & daughter business that aims now to contribute to the fashion revolution #whomademyclothes movement and also to uplift, inspire and empower. 


Lara & Mariana

Creators of TEYXO

Our Community

TEYXO is selling now in over 70 countries across the globe, on all continents and our amazing customers keep brightening up the world, while feeling like rock stars! TEYXO is bringing you more than edgy and daring styles, but also confidence, empowerment and feeling like you could conquer the world right now! Through our unique bespoke designs, all custom made for you, and through our lifestyle magazine & hub, we wish to inspire people to be whoever they want to be, to embrace their beauty and weirdness no matter their age, sex, location, nationality, religion, sexual preference or vision. Our legacy is to bring this freedom to each and everyone, starting from the freedom and style that an item of clothing can offer.