You Are Worth It

In your moments of doubt, pause… Stop

For just one minute and ask yourself this:

Is this worth it? All this struggle?

Yes, my dear! It’s all worth it as it comes from passion and desire. You have worked hard to get here. You have been through hell and back.

You have had your moments of doubt and sorrow, of fear and NOW is your time to shine!

To enjoy all the good things that are coming your way! To enjoy life to the fullest! You deserve it all!

You are worth it!

Photo by Caio Cardenas

Enough with trying too hard to fit into a silly old box, created by a society who fears you, actually…

You have been given limited roles, that you didn’t actually want. You have been deprived of education for years.

Knowledge gives you power and oh, how much we can achieve with this power! How much we can build…

On top of the world, my dear, you climb! Just with the key to knowledge, with a book and words scrambled on paper.

You have been forced to look in a certain way and if your body, somehow, didn’t match the description, you would not get the best seat in life. Your life…

Read about Your Body is Right campaign

You were not allowed to dream, to have passions, to embark on adventures and journeys, to love

You could not have a career. You could not have a wild dream to chase… But now…

NOW, YOU CAN! Now, we are breaking down the barriers… With each and every story we grow stronger. We are powerful now!

You, my dear, have wings now! Have dreams to fulfill! Journeys to achieve!

You are FREE. Free to love. Free to dream. Free to CREATE YOURSELF!

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