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What is Beauty?

What is the meaning of “beauty”? You know when you see beauty, right? You are in awe! In front of beauty… but can we describe it? Since the beginning, humanity tried to find the meaning of beauty, to define it through art and science, but we’ve learned that it goes beyond that… 

“Beauty” may have lost its true meaning nowadays, as you think about a column in a magazine right away or of something related to make-up and fashion. However, when we go through all the sheer layers that were attributed to “beauty”, we can easily touch its essence.

Is it a quality? A feeling? We know that the body ideal changes all the time, so beauty is definitely not about how you look, it’s deeper than that. So how do we see beauty today? I’ve asked “What is beauty?” all around the world and I have received answers from 6 continents! Beauty may mean something different to each and everyone of us and yet, do we perceive it almost the same? Does it make us vibrate in a similar way? Do we all recognize it?

Watch the Video below to find these answers:

Together, we are beautiful!

Thank you so much to everyone involved in the making of this video! Meet my beautiful friends and check out their YouTube channels as well:

  • Erika from Unlock Your Better Self
  • Maria from Applied Type-ology
  • Nanette from Nanette Unfiltered
  • Darlene from Darlene mm
  • Laila from Laila Psychology
  • Catherine from Catherine Perry
  • Shaily from Spandan By Shaily
  • Julia from Julia Githui
  • Sue Lin from Nitsa Sue
  • Samantha from Sam Elle
  • Angela from Angie Social
  • Sam from Trek Star Sam
  • Victoria from Victoria Ashley
  • Veronika from Veronika Guseva
  • Yasmyn from Yasmyn Hussain
  • Claire from Claire Mace Inspiratrix Yoga
  • Shai from Gozunshaaii
  • Nina from Under My Mask
  • Imane from Grow Gurl
  • Hannah from Hannah Nicole
  • Steph from Steph Broderick
  • Brynn from Brynn Hollenbeck
  • Palesa from Lavista_asta_c
  • Wendy from LilMizz Wendy
  • Sonam from Sonam Pansari

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