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Living the Italian way

I have recently participated in a video contest with this theme and the challenge was very interesting as it provoked you to think out-of-the-box and it didn’t matter if you were or not in Italy, visiting, traveling or living there, but to imagine what is it that makes this way of living, this essence and reflection of La Dolce Vita so memorable.

I have lived in Italy some time ago for a couple of months and I must say that there is something about it that makes you dream and fantasize and return from time to time, just to take another glimpse and enjoy that feeling of freedom and joy.

Venice, Italy

I don’t know if it is the amazing weather, the sun, the beauty that almost throws upon you with every step or just the architecture and history on which you step on, the food, the fashion, the marvelous flowing and vaporous dresses that dance in the wind or just the warm smiles of the people around… Everything is glorious when you think about it! The music in the streets, the great Aperitivo, the full terraces almost all year round and the wandering artists…

Castel Mola
Castel Mola, Sicilia, Italy

You could never get bored in Italy, no matter where you would go. The big cities like Rome and Milan are amazing, but the true Italy can be found in the smaller ones, the villages that still keep their history, where people celebrate every day in the sun and enjoy all the great Italian things.

Tuscany has always been my favorite part of Italy, where you can wander through its perfect, almost painted scenery and visit all its hidden jewels.

Volterra, Italy

If you enjoy leather goods, you will find the best leather bags and shoes around Firenze and in all the Tuscany area. Go from Firenze to Siena, visit that part and roam until San Vincenzo to bathe into the Tyrrhenian sea.

San Vincenzo, Italy

Every part of Italy is beautiful and beyond mesmerizing! Living the Italian way is a mindset of enjoying life to the fullest, enjoying beauty, art, great style, delicious food, good wine, smiling people, the sun, the water, the freedom and finding your true happiness among these things.

How do you see living the Italian way? How would you describe it? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below 🙂

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