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Jade Chiu: Fusion Style & The Power of Imagination

Jade Chiu ia an emerging fashion jewelry & accessories designer with an incredibly unique style! When I first saw her work, I was amazed and in awe! as her fusion style is really captivating.

Jade’s jewelry and accessory collections take on playful and raw forms that are inspired by her love for nature combined with her Asian culture. Her work is truly one of a kind and you can see her passion in every single piece. All her jewelry is so alive and vibrates of power, desire, love and spirit and no wonder that Vogue Italia named Jade Chiu as one of the top 16 most unmissable designers.

Jade Chiu in NYC

I was so delighted to meet her and learn more about her work, her inspiration and talk about beauty and empowerment for the “Your body is right” project.

Jade and Skylar Grey

Real beauty comes from the heart.

Jade Chiu

Your stunning work has been worn by renowned celebrities like Madonna and Skylar Grey, you were featured in numerous famous magazines and named by Vogue Italia as one of the top 16 most unmissable designers. Congratulations on this amazing journey! What encouraged you to enter the world of jewelry design?

Jade: Thank you so much! It has been indeed quite a journey, as I have started working with leather. I was in New York City and exhibited my leather accessories for the first time at a trade show and was so inspired by all the talents there. The most talented concept designers were attending! I saw then the endless possibilities of creating accessories and jewelry, so I have started to play more with materials and forms, creating wax works at first and then, gaining more control over the production process, I have merged into jewelry making.

This allowed me to be more creative and to explore more, to bring all my imagination to life! I feel that with jewelry I can unleash my mind and passion and materialize it through 3D wax drawings. It’s very liberating in so many ways and I also feel that you always need a piece of jewelry! Whatever you are wearing, you will always add a piece of jewelry!

Fashion should be a statement from an individual who wants to share exquisite and authentic styles to the world, not just to focus on the body shapes.

Jade Chiu

What is your inspiration behind your work?

Jade: It’s a mixture between my Asian background and my time and experiences from the western world. I have traveled so much and I feel that every place gives you a little something, it contributes to who I am. Then you get all these experiences and you give them meaning, you interpret them and then you try to translate all these moments, all these fragrances into your art. You play with them in your mind, spice them up with your imagination and you create…

I also get inspired by stones and elements from nature, by colors and shades. I love the fragility of materials, the transparency, the layers, nuances – all these fill me with emotion and I feel this urge of bringing them to life, so I feel that every one of my jewelry has its soul and a glimpse of life.

What is your favorite design?

Jade: That would be so hard to choose! You know, as a creator, that you form a special bond with each and every creation. You get so attached, it’s like your child, so you couldn’t just pick one! But I guess you could have some favorites. If I’d really have to choose, I would go for my first pieces – the phoenix collection. It is the symbol of rebirth and it’s such a great reminder to have every single day, that we are constantly born again, reinventing ourselves, getting to be more complete, fuller today than we were yesterday. It’s really thought-provoking!

How would you define beauty?

Jade: I always felt that real beauty comes from the heart. Your talent and passions make you beautiful! Of course, I am also attracted by all the beautiful and stunning Hollywood images too, but without a heart, there is no soul and this reflects in everything. It’s in jewelry, art, places, things, people – all beautiful things have soul! I also feel that it’s very subjective and you are beautiful when you are daring, bold, original and authentic. Taking your own perception of the world, interpret it, translate it and then present it in the most original way! That is beautiful for me!

How do you feel about the body image portrayed in fashion nowadays? Is it helping young people and young girls especially to have a more positive idea about their own bodies?

Jade: I’m not quite sure if we are happy with the unhealthy skinny tall looks anymore. Lots of brands start to use all shapes of models, and I feel it presents more happiness and bluntness! Fashion should be a statement from an individual who wants to share exquisite and authentic styles to the world, not just to focus on the body shapes. I feel that fashion has a different purpose and a lot of it today – or in the last years – focuses more on the body than on the actual work, on the designs, art and visions.

Don’t be afraid to dream big and take risks (…) There is no right and wrong.

Jade Chiu

Your art is very empowering! How do you feel about the role of women today in art and business?

Jade: Thank you, sweetie! Women in art today are more free, they are more daring and not limited by the standards of society. Years ago, it would have been more difficult to break some boundaries and people might have had some expectations from you as a woman, but now you have the freedom to express as you wish, you have the tools as well, so you can free your imagination!

It’s also great that more and more women are becoming entrepreneurs today, seeking independence and equality. We keep fighting, take the task one at a time, even if the challenges keep coming.

Who inspired you when you were a child? Were there any great women whom you admire? Any female superheroes?

Jade: I was inspired by Madonna when I was 9, she was so daring and full of energy, so surprising! I also admire Frida, she is not only amazing in art, expression, surrealism, but her life story is very inspiring. The struggles – to overcome her physical pain and a traumatic marriage and to transfer all that sorrow into beautiful artworks make her a really strong woman, truly inspiring and heroic!

Madonna & Frida

If you could have a superpower, what would that be?

Jade: From all the superhero movies and powers, I think healing is the most amazing,

What advice would you give to any young emerging fashion designer?

Jade: Don’t be afraid to dream big and take risks, especially when you are young! You should get the most out of it, as much experience as you can and follow what your heart is telling you! There is no right and wrong, all is a beautiful experience and you will build beautiful memories!

Thank you so much for this incredible inspiration, dear Jade! Explore all her collections on her website, link here.

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