TEYXO – Your Body is Right

Welcome to TEYXO: the place you will love right away, the place where elegance meets comfort and where you can be genuine, real and true! This is your affordable high fashion shop just one click away!

We have recently launched our lifestyle magazine & hub too on teyxostyle.com hoping to bring you daily inspiration, amazing & powerful stories about brave people who changed or are changing the world. We want to revolutionize fashion and the way this process is done nowadays. We want to make high fashion, affordable high fashion that means customization and creating pieces based on your measurements. We are also working now on a project called “Your Body is Right”. After 4 years of building the brand and working with thousands of customers all around the world, we have discovered one basic thing: we want to feel good! We want to feel amazing and fabulous and expressing our true self!

No matter the background, ethnicity, sex, age, sexual orientation, likes or dislikes – we have the same desire of feeling good, feeling accepted, liked and in the end, true to ourselves, our wishes, our choices! We want to help you achieve that through our fashion and through our lifestyle inspirational magazine of stories of people that will inspire you. The world is yours, love! Your body is right and you are right!

2 thoughts on “TEYXO – Your Body is Right

  1. Alicia Milton says:

    Hi Lara! I really appreciate your passion for making women feel good and proud of our bodies just the way we are! Being a woman certainly has its challenges as our bodies go through a lot and many times we lose ourselves in the process of transformation. I’m a big fan of your creativity and designs. I have several pieces. When I go out and represent Teyxo, there’s nothing anyone can tell me because I KNOW that I look good. Heads turn and there are even whispers here and there. So, I thank you for not only being creative but also making fashion affordable for us all. Many blessings to you! XO

    • admin says:

      Dear Alicia,
      It is so wonderful to hear from you and such a honor to know this! Thank you so much for sharing! This means so much to me and my team and it is definitely the engine that keeps us going on and challenges us to make even more creative, fun, daring designs that are meant to empower and make you LOOK and FEEL great! You deserve the best and I am so happy that we can achieve this with TEYXO and we can brighten up the world together and make it a better place where women and everybody can finally feel free, good and proud! Lots of love to you!!

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