What is BEAUTY?

beauty in history

Beauty is such a debatable concept and the human being has always been attracted by this combination of qualities that create and build up the “beauty” in things. But since we all have different tastes and we all perceive the world in a different way, BEAUTY is also a PERCEPTION and can be a different experience from individual to individual. Beauty is SUBJECTIVE and although a group of people can have the same taste and decide if something is beautiful or not, there will always be another group of people who have a different opinion or feeling about this and the catch is that neither is right or wrong.

“Beauty” is translated best in Greek as “kallos” but here it also means “of fine quality” or “good”, so the sense is much broader than the physical appearance that we mostly refer to nowadays, so being beautiful has actually something to do with all the qualities one has from being gentle, elegant, well-mannered, generous and kind. Although many Greek philosophers have also linked “beauty” with mathematics and proportions, considering that a beautiful person has a well balanced body or face, they later on agreed that beauty has more to do with “inner beauty” than just proportions and looks. Learn more about this fascinating and delicate subject in the video below:

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