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Since our beginnings, we have been orientated to the customer. To get to know us better, I am an actress & designer from Romania who teamed up with her mom, also a fashion designer with years of experience and great craft. We have both realized that we could never find unique clothes, out-of-the-box clothes that also fit well. This was a problem not only in Romania but all over the world and all over I have traveled, I could hardly find something different, something more extravagant, edgy, with a twist.

Talking one night with my mom, we came up with “TEYXO” that was more of a game in the beginnings, of a try and we had no idea that it would become so popular and so big. We have first started out on Etsy and it just a couple of months made more than 500 sales. So we hired a great team who has been with us since the beginnings and started to work 100% for TEYXO, always putting our customers first!

Now it is time for the official store and since I always want to do more and to share and create stories as an actress and writer, I have just launched TEYXO Lifestyle Magazine & Hub


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