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You Were Born for Greatness

The chances for you to show up in this world are close to zero. I can say that you are a miracle and I wouldn’t be wrong. This moment right now could have never happened. There are trillions of choices that led me to write this and led you read it later on. I couldn’t even calculate the odds and this profound coincidence is mind-blowing. I have always been fascinated about the small steps that we make towards our present or towards a moment in time…

The Waltz of the Universe

Simple decisions, coincidences, meetings and reactions create our path in life. Is it destiny? Maybe, maybe not… Could be just the dance of the stars. The waltz of the universe…

I was born on a Monday morning. My mother told me that I didn’t cry at all. I was just starring at her, with big black eyes and a small mouth. My lips were like a sugarloaf. We were looking at each other and she didn’t know what to do. She suddenly panicked. She thought: “How will I take care of this child?” And we just sat there, in silence…

I was so curious about the world and about this woman in front of me. A raw curiosity that never let me go…

One Decision… One Gaze…

I wonder sometimes if there are any crossroads in life. One decision took me here, but maybe other decision would have taken me on a different path. Or maybe I would have ended up in the same place after all…

It’s amazing how one simple gesture and one gaze can change history. Little things create big changes. Small steps lead to greatness.

As much as the journey fascinates me, I feel a certain responsibility. A purpose!

The Strength of Love

After all, we are a miracle. We can achieve greatness.

Are you ready to transform yourself? Your growth will influence others!

You can create, empower and inspire! Your actions will speak more than your words. However, words are powerful weapons and carefully spoken, they fuel our souls and our minds.

Powerful individuals are formed by words. Faith is restored through actions.

There is no time for bitter feelings, hate and ugly thoughts. There is no time for anything but greatness.

I believe in you, my dear! I have seen the strength of a community that sings in the same key. The strength of love.

Love is what makes the world go round and it is love the root of all creation.

Moreover, I am fascinated by our power as individuals, by the essential strengths that link us all. The love that we carry, that has the power to move mountains and that fuels our secret engine.

We are love!

You, my dear, are beauty… strength and courage!

You were born for greatness!

Photo by John Ray Ebora, IG @juansinag_

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