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Worldwide Campaign: Your Body is Right

Breathe… One more time…

Breathe… and think about the 7.6 billion breaths that happen at the same time, just as you are reading this. It’s hard to imagine, I know… all the 7.6 billion people that are living on the same planet, sharing the oxygen, water and enjoying the same sun. Smiling, laughing, crying, loving and feeling frustrated by huge problems or unimportant things.

Photo by Ryoji Iwata 
You are one of them! I am one of them!

For years and years people all over the world have fought for freedom of speech and basic human rights. Not long ago, women didn’t have the right to vote. In some countries, that is still a problem today and even if legally this has changed a couple of years ago, from what is written on a piece of paper to what goes on in people’s minds, there’s a long way to go. Mentalities can’t be changed so quickly… and I believe it is our right and duty to make our voices heard!

Demonstrations from more than 100 years ago
Credit: Alamy
To stand united and take care of each other!

I used to be scared too, afraid of what people might think as I was raised in a society that has just escaped communism not long ago so people were taught to be scared and afraid, to behave “well” and not bring too much attention upon themselves, but deep down inside I knew that I had to take a deep breath and show my true colors, express with all my being my thoughts, beliefs, wishes, desires and take action!

Get up and speak my mind! Open myself and inspire!

This is the best thing that has ever happened because when you do that, when you shut down the unimportant opinion of others and give light to your true self, fear goes away… Greater opportunities come…

We are living the best times as internet nowadays has opened the doors to the world! Time’s up! No longer just a group of people have the power now, but the whole world!

Credit: rawpixel.com
We just need to be united and take care of each other!

We need to enjoy and embrace all our differences and know that the greater these are, the higher chances we have to survive as a species! The more various are our genes, the better we become as individuals! The more we know and the more sensitive we are, greater things we can achieve!

It’s a time of revival and empowerment!
A time where I myself want to contribute actively to a better world and open up a path to inspiring people to accept, embrace and love!

The problem that I constantly see nowadays and it is for sure not new, but it is becoming more stressful than ever, is the way that we look, the way that we interpret beauty and the pressure that is put on young people today. The Body… Your Body…

It’s a constant fight and a constant focus on how we look. I am not saying that we should fall into the other extreme of not caring about how we look. Today everything is about extremes! We should care, we should appreciate, we should be HEALTHY but most of all, we should LOVE OURSELVES and admit that we are… RIGHT

Your body is right

This is a worldwide campaign in which I want to share stories from all over the world related on beauty, your beauty and on how you feel about it! I want to show that we all feel the same, no matter our nationality, sex, religion, sexual preferences and so on. We are ONE!

If you want to be part, just send me a message or leave a comment to this post! Be part of the campaign! Share your story!

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