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What 2020 Has Taught Me

2020 was one of the most challenging years so far, but I learned a lot about myself and my strengths. I became more powerful, even more adaptable and some unexpected wild things happened making this year pretty amazing! 

So, you wanted to travel more…

In January 2020 I left my apartment in Bucharest to travel. I said “This is it! My traveling year!” Well, that didn’t quite happen as planned but I did travel up to March through Spain and Gibraltar.

From Spain & Gibraltar back to Romania

I was in Gib when I started seeing posters about COVID and was actually planning to go to Milan two days before the virus burst there. Luckily, my instincts saved me and I didn’t book that flight and realized that I need to book Barcelona – Bucharest and go back home with my family. 

Quarantine caught me there and what meant to be 1-2 months of time spent with my folks turned into more than 7 months, more time than I ever spent there after I left my hometown at 18 years old. There is a silver lining to this as I had such a quality time with my family, we got to know each other at a whole new deeper level. 

When the Universe surprises you…

Then, summer came and something completely unexpected happened. I fell madly in love and I received the same love back, starting one of the most beautiful love stories I ever lived. That kind of love that gives you power and the strength to move mountains and to change worlds.

From that moment on, this whole year turned into bliss, into an immense energy that helped me overcome anything and see only the bright side of life, the exciting future that unfolds. 

The Highlights of 2020

The PROs of the year 2020

  • Traveled through all the Eastern coast of Spain and Gibraltar
  • Started making more videos and have grown my YouTube channel 
  • Had a collaboration with 25 amazing YouTubers from 6 continents 
  • Had mind-blowing interviews with people from all over the world and developed the TEYXO Lifestyle Magazine
  • Overcame the COVID business crisis by selling face masks 
  • Reached more than 20,000 sales on Etsy
  • Became an Udemy Instructor and created my first course: Learn Etsy from a Top 1% Seller
  • Sold my course to over 400 students in 54 countries
  • Became a Top Rated Seller on Fiverr, working with over 100 entrepreneurs 
  • Developed a film platform with an amazing team and you will soon learn about it 😉
  • Enriched the Creative Partnership of Sparky Pictures with brand new film projects coming up 🙂 
  • Was on the cover of Muscadine Magazine
  • Traveled more in Romania
  • Moved to Brasov in one of the coolest studios right in the heart of The Old Town 
  • Fell madly in love <3 

And this is the most important of all. LOVE and I do feel the luckiest girl in the world at the end of this year 🙂 

The Biggest Collaboration of The Year 2020

What I’ve Learned in 2020

  • My mind is far more powerful than I am aware of and thus, I can work and create without being influenced by external factors. I can always access my creative force and find the inspiration that I need
  • I was reminded that love is the greatest force and engine for us, mortals 🙂
  • To adapt more
  • To work with all the resources given and always find the best solutions for the moment
  • Always BE PREPARED
  • TRUST that you will be okay, that your friends and family will work things out, that your team will thrive
  • That the unexpected may actually take you on a better path that you expected
  • That a time that you think it’s the worst, may actually lead to something greater and better
  • Just because it is challenging, it doesn’t mean it’s bad and it will take you down – it may teach you how to fly
  • Embrace CHANGE
  • We have limited time on this Earth, make the best out of it
  • Real friends and true relationships will always find their way into your life. Don’t bother with anything else that is not real, nor honest or sincere.
  • The more I do exactly what I want, the better I feel with myself and the entire world. The more I refuse any type of compromise, the more complete I feel.
  • The more I follow my guts, my passion, my truth, the more I receive from the world, the universe – call it however you wish 🙂
  • The more I embrace myself with all my flaws and all my qualities, the more I reach out to the power within
  • The lighter I live, unattached of small things, small people, small facts and news, the better I feel
  • Every problem has a solution and every path has thousands, even millions of smaller paths and opportunities. You are not stuck in anything. You just need to open your eyes and see all the other paths.
  • The more I give, the more I receive.

This is the most precious lesson of all – giving, but truly giving, with all your heart and without expecting anything in return. This will always open new ways. 2020 was probably the greatest lesson ever, but we all know that after rain comes sunshine. I’m waiting for my pot of gold and rays of light in 2021.

Cheers to 2021

Cheers to that and until that, let’s celebrate today and what we have now. This moment will never come back and we will always keep some memories close to our heart, because in this madness you had some fun, you laughed, you did something amazing, started a new adventure, a new challenge, changed a habit, created something new, felt inspired and you loved. This will always be the game-changer. LOVE – may this be your word and my wish for 2021!

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