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We Stand Together

Every year, Spring is announced by the colorful Magnolia in front of my window, that gently greets me with its flowers. Mornings begin with its mesmerizing scent and the singing of the birds that hide in the trees, in the little park downstairs.

This year Spring came as usual, the flowers blossomed and yet after a short time, cold made them go back to sleep again. This year is different… The song of the birds was replaced by the sharp voices of the police officers that tell us to stay inside. They address the people through the spokesman four or five times every day, passing by the little park downstairs, where the birds used to sing.

…start rediscovering yourself and start creating!

We didn’t expect this

I was waiting for Spring to come. I was waiting to bloom.

In January, I left my apartment in Bucharest with the thought of traveling more this year. February found me in Spain, traveling throughout the east coast up to Gibraltar. My last trip before the outbreak.

It was almost the end of February, when I decided to return home. There were no cases in Spain then and about 6 cases in Italy. That was just one month ago! I thought of spending one night in Milan to see my friends, before returning in Romania, but something told me to go straight home. Call it guts or who knows? I returned back home and in the next two days, it burst out both in Italy and Spain.

I self-isolated myself for 14 days, feeling perfectly fine and knowing somehow that I am safe. However, seeing the cases go up day by day made me wonder and feel insecure about my condition. I was almost waiting to wake up with fever one day. It didn’t happen…

Reality is that the fear that is being induced to us is becoming even more dangerous. The panic that goes on all over the world will change many of us. The whole world will change…

Find the silver lining in all of this and reconnect with your inner force. It may be a second chance for us all!

Photo by Milena Santos

Are You Ready for The Change?

It’s up to us now! Mental health is really important nowadays and we are fragile… so it is important to keep your spirits up! Stay safe and stay inspired!

Use this time wisely and make the best out of it! I believe it is important to spend time with yourself and find out what do you truly like to do. Now is the time to do that! To start rediscovering yourself and start creating!

Laugh as much as possible and invite humor into your life as many times per day as possible. Sleep a lot! Eat healthy and try to workout as much as you can.

It’s really easy to become lazy, I get that, but it’s even more exciting to start building a project! Imagine when all this calms down, you will get out of it more powerful, stronger, wiser and with a brand new business or idea that will help to create a better future!

We are The Fighters and The Survivors

We will overcome this! Be strong and keep yourself inspired and motivated! Find the silver lining in all of this and reconnect with your inner force. It may be a second chance for us all! We screwed it up until now, let’s face it! But now, people are kinder and better and more united! We stand together!

Watch the inspirational video below and share the love! It was made when Romania entered total lockdown a couple of days ago, inspired by our strength as a collective and all the amazing things we can achieve together!

We Stand Together (Watch the VIDEO)

Cover Photography by David Florin, Luana Bento, Michael Alexander, Johan De Jager,
Alexander Stemplewski
, Shahterspeed

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  1. Edmond R says:

    Awesome video, good job!

    1. Lara says:

      Thank you so much! Really happy that you like it 🙂 Stay safe!

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