Venice, The Wonderland: The Carnival of Venice

There is this lust that we have, this wanderlust, this wonderful craving to see the world, embrace its beauty and everything that it offers. Venice is definitely one of these beauties, this pearl of the world, that vibrates through all its veins and offers wanders to millions of visitors every year.

I have always wanted to see The Carnival of Venice and always had this script in mind of how it would be, but the reality always catches you off guard and always offers you the unexpected.

I have visited Venice before and I felt that I have stepped into a fairy tale the first moment I have seen it. You get off the train in S. Lucia station and in front of the station you see this blue perfect sky and the dazzling Grand Canal full of boats and water buses, while people all around the world feel at the same time this pure electric joy that Venice has to offer. That is magic!


A Whimsical Journey Through the Dukedom of Venice

The Carnival is definitely different. You begin to feel like Alice… Alice in Wonderland, who dances on the beautiful streets of Venice next to all these characters: Dukes and Duchesses, supra natural beings, fairies, Gods and Goddesses, symbols of powerful stories that held in a way humankind together.

And this lasts for centuries! They used to dress up, both the poor and the rich and party together, no matter the rang or money, they became just one community, together as simple people who show their love for life. Well, they needed masks for that… but still… We still need that nowadays and sadly we don’t end up partying together. But, Venice enlivens this spirit! You feel safe in Venice and somehow this safety turns into a wonderful creative and relaxing energy that people all around the world feel it and breath it. They become one! And that’s the beauty of it!

Costume Venice
Carnival of venice

It is indeed crowded and full of people, but that doesn’t bother you as you can’t be in a rush, your purpose is to enjoy the streets, the people that you meet, the amazing street performances, that are way better than the organized shows that happen in San Marco square, the costumes, the music, the noise, everything that surrounds you.

I have thought at the beginning that everybody who wears a costume is a paid actor, but no, I have been so surprised to see families of 4 or 5 wearing matching costumes and having fun, enjoying the carnival and the experience. Like a classy and sophisticated Oktoberfest… I’ve also seen a group of people dressed up like in Oktoberfest. I guessed they have mistaken the festival, but nonetheless, they were in a carnival mood.


People in costumes were walking like on a red carpet, enjoying the tourists who craved to take photos of them. Some of them were shy, some were very eager to pose. Some of them were bored, some of them enjoyed these days of fame where the entire Venice becomes a stage.

All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players.

William Shakespeare
Venetian mask


1. If you have time, take a free walking tour, as you will find out a lot about Venice in a very pleasant 3 hour tour around the city.

2. If you are on a low budget, you can find amazing accommodations in Padova, which is a 30 minutes ride by train, last ride being after midnight from Venice – plenty of time to enjoy the Carnival.

3. Don’t use the public restrooms as with the same amount that you pay to use a toilet, you can get a coffee in most of the coffee shops, pubs or restaurants.


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