This is a Perfect World

Whether you agree or not with this statement, we are desperately looking for perfection and we tend to project this “perfection” about us even though we all know that life has its parts that are not so perfect and that’s okay!

We are desperately looking for perfection…

We always look for that perfect Instagram shot, the perfect filter, perfect light, perfect glow, perfect outfit, perfect make-up and oh, so on – and that’s cool too! We are developing our aesthetic.

Who says what is “perfect”?

We are creating beautiful things and we want the best out of it! And let’s face it, the quality of life has never been better for us! But there are also the down sides, there are also the “not so perfect” shots, lights, feelings, stories, people. But here comes the catch! Who says what is “perfect”?

I strongly think that stereotypes are starting to be demolished by brave people, by lovely weird beautiful people who are starting to open up and let their true self breath.

Just the other day I was reading about a beautiful girl who had beautiful plucked eyebrows to fit the fashion norms and one day she decided to stop plucking her eyebrows and let them grow into almost one big brow, but she looked even more beautiful in this natural state. But she had a choice! There are people who do not have this choice! I am talking about people born with a certain condition, with Down syndrome or who are in wheelchairs. Who says that they are not perfect?

Do you choose to be beautiful today? Then, be!

I have recently seen this amazing video that made my heart sing! It is so great to see these brave people who have the power to shine on a runway! And people who support them!

We are so different in general, in our looks and likes so why are we so scared about some particular differences or why are we trying to hide or ignore them? I strongly believe that beauty & ugly lie in each of us, no matter our looks and it is just a matter of choice. Do you choose to be beautiful today? Then, be! This is a PERFECT world!

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