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The Women Shaping 2018

There has never been a better time for women to work and express themselves in art, science, politics and much more. The times are changing and along with the massive movement in Hollywood “Time’s Up!”, women all over the world open up, unite and stand up for their beliefs. TEYXO Style wishes to achieve the exact same things and become a platform and a hub for amazing women worldwide and share brave stories from now or from history with people who let their true self breath and had the power and courage to stand out and speak their mind. There are many amazing people like that and I reckon that stories like these inspired me to be the woman who I am today, stories like these shaped my personality and encouraged me to be true to my feelings, values, beliefs and dreams.

British Vogue has nominated the women who work in Britain and are shaping this year for their July issue. Among these women, they have nominated The Queen, Theresa May, the new Duchess of Sussex: Meghan Markle and other amazing women who work in fashion, arts, politics, sports and media. I will name some of them and try then to find the women who are changing and shaping 2018 across the world.

Sinéad Burke, Grace Ladoja, Priyanka Joshi, Karen Blackett and Dua Lipa photographed for the July 2018 issue of British Vogue. Credit: DAVID BURTON Courtesy of British Vogue

These are just 5 of the 25 amazing women nominated by British Vogue and as you may be well familiar with the popular Dua Lipa, who at just 22 years old conquered the music scene worldwide, there are other incredible women who are not as much in the spotlights but provoke amazing changes around them and inspire millions and millions of people.

Sinead Burke is definitely one of them and a true inspiration for fashion designers, fighting for inclusion and equality in fashion and in general. She wants to educate the fashion world that people do not fit into standard sizes and that our bodies are unique and different. These are the values of TEYXO as well as we advocate for the same things and we believe that every person can look just as good in any design, so fashion styles should not be limited to just a certain group of people.

Priyanka Joshi is another brilliant woman who, at just 29 years old, is on the brink of making great contributions in Alzheimer research as she has created a “library” of molecules that are like a drug that can target the proteins that cause degenerative brain diseases. She was named by Forbes when she barely finished her PhD one of the most brilliant and strong young faces in science.

It is amazing how the world changed in the last years and how much we evolved, although there are still societies who don’t offer rights to women. It is painful to see that in this age, there are still women condemned in the world for their thoughts, feelings and the “braveness” to express them. Speaking your mind should not be an act of braveness but your right.

Nice Nailantei Leng’ete is a true heroine! She saved over 15,000 little girls from “the cut”. Genital mutilation among girls was a very old tradition in Kenya and not only. Nice Nailantei escaped from “the cut” when she was about 8 years old. She then became an advocate for this and fought to change perception over this issue in the community of Masai in Kenya who continued to do this although Kenya banned the barbarian act in 2011. Her strong work finally was responsible for changing this horrific tradition at the beginning of this year and in addition to end the practice, she also helped the community to develop new ceremonies that celebrate the girl’s journey and transition from childhood to adulthood – ceremonies like dancing, singing and expressing themselves through art and not through cutting.

Photo courtesy: TEDxAmsterdamWomen Interview Nice Nailantei Leng’ete
Photo courtesy:—research-foundation/

Emma Gonzalez is an activist and advocate for gun control and you may well know her powerful speeches! She is one of the bravest young girls I have ever seen and reminds me of those heroines in history or in old legends that seem to have disappeared in modern times. But they have not and Emma is a living proof of that! Being the survivor of the terrible shootings in Florida this year, she is the co-founder of the gun-control advocacy organization “Never Again MSD”. Her powerful silent speech at the March for Our Lives was heart-broking. She stood in complete silence for 6 minutes, the exact time the victims were shot during the gunfire.

Photo: The Guardian

Check out the media section of this article to see Emma’s speech, Nice Leng’ete interview and Sinead Burke’s TED Talk “Why design should include everyone?” If you know other amazing women who are shaping this year or if you have someone else in mind, please leave a comment below and we will be more than happy to write about them. Thank you!

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