The Muse Who Whispers Your Genius

You… the violin that sneaks inside me. The new instrument that I have to learn every time that I touch.

I am spinning and lighting up.

I am the heart that rises.

A butterfly that struggles in the blue light of retrieval.

A bullet that penetrates a virgin body, just like a beast that nabs its prey.

A light… I am the light that scatters around the empty desert.

I am the nude body that you desire every time when you close your eyes.

The muse who whispers your genius.

The sea that washes your sex.

The sex that dresses up the vulgar in a snippet of strawberry and a peach’s smile.

I am the whole.

I am the penetration. The thought that rapes…

I am the good lost in evil and the evil hidden in a fruit.

Two armpits that burst underneath the tight cotton of the white that covers you.

They burst because of sweat and virgin ecstasy.

The lips are trembling and hide because of the nervousness of the first kiss.

Photography by Gantas Vaičiulėnas

The eyes run towards the white of the other man dressed up in cotton.

Puny fingers gather in the shyness of the white shoulder.

The armpits are struggling for the first time and slide into a bracket.

Cupid’s arrow is drawing itself between the legs.

The pain that I carry will one day unstick itself and start wandering. My pain will leave me to explore the world…

I fear that the moment when we will fly in two different directions will come and we will not have the time to catch one another in the fraction of the second that we will be given…

Cover photography by cottonbro

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