Fairy Tale Castle Romania

The Magical Clay Castle of The Valley of Fairies

The magical Clay Castle of the Valley of Fairies in Transylvania looks like a wonderful film set. Not only that the location is beyond beautiful, pristine and wild, but the castle itself looks like a Hobbit House. Mixing traditional and rustic styles with the modern surreal Gaudi shapes, the Clay Castle of The Valley of Fairies is a unique destination in Transylvania.

Fairy Tale Clay Castle

How To Get There

You will find this magical castle in Porumbacu de Sus, a village close to Sibiu at less than 1 hour drive and about 2 hours drive from Brasov. It’s in the heart of Romania, so it is very easy to reach by car. The Carpathian Mountains are right there and you can see them from Porumbacu de Sus. You can also find in the village a couple of guesthouses that can accommodate your stay. The Clay Castle was also meant for offering accommodations and although this thing is not yet possible, I do hope that in the near future this will turn into reality. Waking up in such a magical place would be an immense joy!

Clay Castle Romania
View from the tower

The Story

The “Fairytale Castle” was built by a couple who left their corporate jobs and chased their dream of living in the mountains and creating this eco-friendly masterpiece. They used only natural materials so everything is made of 100% organic clay, sand, stone and straw, using only wooden pillars without any type of modern paint. They had the vision and with the help of an architect achieved this magical place.

The Fairy Valley Clay Castle

Their story proves that you don’t need an army of men and lots of money to create something unique, a legacy that will last many years to come and that transforms a ghost village into a landmark visited by thousands of tourists. With the power of imagination, the true belief in your dream and lots of hard work you can achieve anything that you wish!

The Valley of Fairies

This unique castle was born in 2014 and it took a few years to grow and to become the amazing place that it is today. Hopefully, it will soon be fully operational and we can stop there for a night to sleep in the Land of Fairies.

The Clay Castle Romania

Spend The Day in The Valley of Fairies

Even if you can’t spend the night, this magical place awaits for you to visit and spend a couple of hours there, enjoying the garden, the river, the hot wine and delicious pastry as you admire the beautiful shapes of the castle and the magical music of the nature that surrounds it.

A big garden with lots of wooden tables and a large terrace allows you to stay there with your family and friends, right in front of the castle. There is an amazing playground for children and a souvenir shop, so you can enjoy a full day there.

Porumbacu de sus
View from the tower
Valley of fairies
River in front of the castle

The beauty of this place is that everything is handcrafted and made from natural materials. Every chair and table in the garden are made by hand, created in the spirit of the Clay Castle so the entire place is really special.

The entrance is only 5 lei, about 1 euro for one person, so it is very affordable and there is also free parking.

In winter this place is truly magical and I hope to visit it again during Spring or Summer to enjoy the colors of the magical Valley of Fairies. This place is the living proof that fairy tales do come true…

The Valley of Fairies Romania

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  1. MARIANA POPA says:

    What a magical place! Love it!

    1. It is indeed! Hope you can visit it very soon!! 🙂

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