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The Perfect Body

In the last few years, advertising has changed a lot and especially women advertising has evolved and we have started to see more “real” women in ads and no longer the insanely skinny, perfect and photoshopped model. This is great but I think we still have a long way to go as TV networks, the Film Industry and Fashion Industry mostly still have very high standards and tend to project and use the same “perfect body”.

There are though movements in Hollywood like Time’s up! that fight for the rights of women, for empowerment and for having more films with female characters in the center and the recent Ocean’s 8 with an entire feminine cast of 8 amazing actresses will for sure open up new doors for women in film but not only.

The most amazing movement is happening online, on our social media and this, I think is one of the most powerful ones. Amazing women worldwide have the courage to stand up for what they belief in and form a voice, they gather followers and they create this world in which they inspire every day other women and people to do the same. We see now beautiful elderly bloggers who know that #stylehasnoage

There are beautiful plus size models who conquer the social media and this variety, beauty proves that style has no size, no age, no sexual preference and can be owned by anyone! These movements of brave people are breaking down boundaries and walls and show the little girls or teenagers of today that it is OKAY! That you are beautiful no matter what! This opens up a whole new world in which magazines or TV ads and even films do not have the power that they used to have on this “body ideal” on the “perfect body” that one should have. Now, we see it all and we embrace so many beautiful things! This I believe is one of the greatest changes that the online has brought in the last years.

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