Japan, Nepal, Vietnam & Thailand through the lenses of Summer Feng

A couple of years ago, I was in Florence, Italy. I have just arrived in Piazza Michelangelo, admiring the breathtaking view, when a lovely girl approaches me. Her pale skin, long dark hair and very big and beautiful smile greeted me with so much joy that I’ve felt that I have known her for years. …

Filet of veal with violette truffle and garden vegetables

Filet of Veal with Violette Truffle and Garden Vegetables

Prepared by Sebastian Neiderhell Head Chef in Schliersee, Bavaria, Germany We use: Veal Filet Violette Potatoes Vegetables (at your choice) Carrots Tomatoes Leek Celeriac Onions Spices Red Wine Preparation by Sebastian: 1. First you make the Demiglace of Veal Bones. I make it like every other sauce of bones with carrots, leek, celeriac and onions, roasted veal …