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Viki Vicic: Lefthanded, The Perfect Blend of Pop Art & Humor

Lefthanded is a fun and colorful fashion brand, where pop art and humor blend beautifully in a mix of bright colors and fun statements. The brand celebrates diversity and uniqueness, provoking you to explore your imagination, discover and love your personality and feel empowered to show your true colors. The creator of this amazing emerging …

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Christian Dior, Designer of Dreams Exhibition: Online Tour

Christian Dior brought light and color into a gray world post-war. He created new shapes for women, reinventing styles and revolutionizing the way women dress. He created a new feminine silhouette, while giving a whole new meaning to haute-couture. I have designed flower women. Christian Dior  He was so admired and greatly appreciated that his …

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The Story of Whang-Od: The 103-Year-Old Tattoo Artist

Whang-Od is the oldest tattoo artist in Philippines and the last living mambabatok, which is a traditional Kalinga tattooist. She lives in the small town of Buscalan, in the mountains of Kalinga, creating tattoos since she was just 15. Whang-Od, also known as Maria Oggay, became known to the whole world when Lars Krutak, the American …

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10 Ways To Stay Positive And Motivated During These Times

We may be walking through stormy weather now, but it is important to know that the rainbow will rise eventually… Life hasn’t been a careless walk in the park. We’ve all had our ups and downs, our ray of light and thunderstruck. But this is something we have never experienced before… Yet, we are in …

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Alexander Stephan: Capturing The Vivid Portrait of Humanity

When I first laid eyes on Alex’s photos my heart skipped a beat. The colors, the light, the larger than life feeling and the rich stories hidden in the eyes of his models make you feel that you are about to enter a new world. It may seem surreal – the opening of a fairytale, …