Vesuvius Naples

Naples, Italy: Local Color, Neapolitan Pizza, Aperol & The Beautiful Mess

Naples is a beautiful mess, in a way that you don’t really like it right away, but you see that it has charm. You start to like it after some time and when you look back, you realize that you captured its colors and vibes. It’s a city with character and personality. You get hit …

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Sami Van Mathis: Travels & Wanderlust

Sami Van Mathis is a published author, English teacher, YouTuber and passionate traveler, seeing 50 countries already and planning on experiencing so much more in the near future. Born in San Francisco, California, she knew at a very early stage, that she wanted to learn more about the world, to see different cultures and meet …

Unfinished Festival
Culture Inspirational

UNFINISHED 2019: The Experience

What is UNFINISHED? Pure energy that traveled from all over the world and got mixed with the local flavor of Bucharest… A cocktail of raw emotions, pure electrifying ideas that roll amongst this vibrant community that the festival gathered… Openness and laughter, stepping out of our comfort zone and building new connections and new bridges …

Stories Your Body Is Right

Alicja Hlibowicka: Roosters and Art

Alicja Hlibowicka is an artist and the founder of Roosters and Art, a fun and playful brand where she brings to life contemporary rooster art in unique colorful illustrations. Born in Tunisia to Polish parents, she grew up in Canada, where her family moved shortly afterwards. However, she has always been captivated by Europe’s charm, so …