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UNFINISHED 2019: The Experience

What is UNFINISHED? Pure energy that traveled from all over the world and got mixed with the local flavor of Bucharest… A cocktail of raw emotions, pure electrifying ideas that roll amongst this vibrant community that the festival gathered… Openness and laughter, stepping out of our comfort zone and building new connections and new bridges …

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Alicja Hlibowicka: Roosters and Art

Alicja Hlibowicka is an artist and the founder of Roosters and Art, a fun and playful brand where she brings to life contemporary rooster art in unique colorful illustrations. Born in Tunisia to Polish parents, she grew up in Canada, where her family moved shortly afterwards. However, she has always been captivated by Europe’s charm, so …


Florence + The Machine at Electric Castle

I have just returned from Electric Castle 2019, one of the most in vogue festivals in Romania now, held in the medieval Bánffy castle in the village Bonțida in Cluj county. #MeetMeAtTheCastle was on everyone’s lips this year, where more than 200,000 people gathered in 5 days of festival. Colorful, shinny, chill people gathered from …

Jade Chiu
Stories Your Body Is Right

Jade Chiu: Fusion Style & The Power of Imagination

Jade Chiu ia an emerging fashion jewelry & accessories designer with an incredibly unique style! When I first saw her work, I was amazed and in awe! as her fusion style is really captivating. Jade’s jewelry and accessory collections take on playful and raw forms that are inspired by her love for nature combined with her Asian …

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The Sweet Escapism

Escapism is the habitual diversion of the mind to purely imaginative activity or entertainment as an escape from reality or routine Definition from the Merriam-Webster We all do it every single day… sometimes, every hour… and it’s beautiful, fantastic, it’s the reign of the brilliant mind over all. It is the power of creativity and imagination, probably …

Culture Stories

Japanese Grannies Rap and Dance in Osaka. Meet the Obachaaan

I sometimes scroll my Facebook feed in the morning, while shipping coffee, the modern way of checking the news like my grandfather was checking the newspaper some years ago. While scrolling down, a very colorful video shows up! I stop and I watch this amazing group of Japanese grannies rapping and dancing in colorful clothes …

Stories Your Body Is Right

Teodora Ionescu: Art, Beauty & Perceptions

From actress to visual artist, Teodora is one of the rare complete artists that I know and she managed to find the magical formula to combine all her skills and talents in thought-provoking and often mind-blowing art performances. Mixing acting with projections of her art, music, dance, costumes and light, she creates theatrical experiments that …