Your Body Is Right

Meet the team behind Your Body is Right

Your Body is Right empowering campaign helps people all over the world to love and accept themselves, their peers or opponents. It is a reminder that no matter our nationality, color, sex, religion, age, size or sexual preferences, we are all right and we should work together for a greater purpose.

Having met and worked with more than 10,000 people with TEYXO in the last 5 years from more than 80 countries, I have realized that everyone has the same wishes, same fears and desires… but we are mostly afraid to express themselves, we care about what other people think, we care too much about how we look outside, ignoring what’s inside… I knew that I had to do something and slowly this idea and drive began to take shape and turn into something tangible, something real.

With the rise of the internet, bullying has become more aggressive too in schools but not only. Many people spread mean comments and hate speeches that may deeply wound many young people. Furthermore, the obsession with the body ideal in the last years has also gone too far. There are so many campaigns that explore extremes which is all great but we need to find a balance! I feel that the world of fashion mostly is still dwelling with this and is still projecting concepts and ideas that may not always have the desired positive impact on the younger generations and not only. There are many preconceptions deeply rooted in our education and culture and we need to progress and look towards the future, enlighten our way and broaden our minds!

I am truly grateful for the amazing people who have joined me in this project and quest and I want to dedicate this post to them and introduce you the great team behind Your Body is Right.h

Meet the Team

Anastasia Atanasoska

Anastasia is a talented cinematographer & photographer with more than 14 years of experience in this field, being part of the popular TV shows X Factor, You think you can dance? and Top Chef. She was the first to jump in the project and I remember how we met for a cup of coffee in Piata Romana, in Bucharest and I told her all about the idea and what was coming next, being so thrilled to have her on board. She was so open to the project and greeted me with such a warm and beautiful energy, being co-producer of our first video in the Your Body is Right campaign. Follow Anastasia:

Ciprian Vidroiu

Ciprian is a young photographer, specialized in fashion photography. He is the co-owner of Sparki Studio in Bucharest, along with Anastasia and Andrei Costache and he was assistant producer at our first video. Follow Ciprian:

Adriana Craciunescu

Adriana is an amazing cinematographer, colorist & post production supervisor for Three of Swords Productions. She has been part of many great film projects like the TV series Triplusec and the nominated film Why me? directed by Tudor Giurgiu. Follow Adriana:

Claudia Maria Popina

Claudia is a powerful voice who has just been in the finalists of The Voice Romania and is now in the jury of the brand new TV show Cântă acum cu mine, next to famous Romanian artists and singers like Loredana Groza. She is a bundle of energy and a truly magnetic force on stage, being the lead singer of the band Bazzar. Follow Claudia:

Mirela Elena Buhus

Mirela is an energetic and vibrant actress who has been in the finalists at the comedy show iUmor. She is a great improviser and you can see her in many Impro shows in Bucharest and I will let her tell you more:

I am a very complex creature! Whimsical and constant, impressionable as an illiterate child, blazed as a tired philosopher, gossipy and aristocrat, here primitive, here ultra refined. I laugh at the worst circumstances, I am serious about insignificant things, and all together I’m always true to myself.

Follow Mirela:

Lari Giorgescu

Photo by Adi Bulboaca

Lari is a talented actor, part of the current team of the National Theater of Bucharest. He has played numerous versatile roles in the last years, being nominated for UNITER for Best Actor in a Leading Role. He is playful and energetic, delivering powerful and outstanding performances. Follow Lari:

Miriam Craciun

Miriam is an amazing creative force, being artistic consultant at the Comic Opera for Children in Bucharest, founder & life coach at Metafeeling and also a recent mom and this inspired her to create the new blog Sarcastic Mom – a truly realistic take on being a new mom and about life in general! Follow Miriam:

Anca Vintiloiu

Anca is a recent graduate of the National University of Arts in Bucharest, being a fresh, talented and promising designer with a whole baggage of ideas and creativity waiting to see the world. Follow Anca:

Alina Velicu

Alina is a talented and curious artist who is a fresh scenographer, recently graduated from the National University of Arts, Bucharest. Determined and passionate about her work, she has so many ideas to explore and to share with the world. Follow Alina:

George Susnea

George is an amazing online marketer, having worked at some big companies in Bucharest, being also part of the IQool team. He is very passionate about his work and has big plans for the future. Follow George:

Larissa Cardoso Ventura

Larissa is from Brazil and has been living in Romania for the past years. She is a jazz dancer and has also worked at the State Circus in Bucharest, brightening up the stage every time!

Sanda Tatu

Sanda was a great ballerina in her youth and is now an actress for TV and independent projects, feeling young and amazing and reminding us all that age is and will always be just a number!

Adrian Vrabie

Adrian is an actor, working now for numerous TV sitcoms, commercials and independent projects. He is youthful and energetic, having that unique mixture of wisdom and youthfulness, enjoying every single moment and always making the best out of it!

Thank you for all your support! I feel truly blessed to have you all on board on this courageous and powerful adventure!

Your body is right is meant to document stories all over the world from people who have experienced bullying in the past or body shaming and people who have learned to love their body and reinvent themselves! We seek nowadays things that can inspire us and give us that secret engine to move forward and create more, bring greatness into the world and this campaign is meant to support all of this!

If you wish to share your own story or have a story to tell, contact us and we will be happy to feature you!

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