Japan, Nepal, Vietnam & Thailand through the lenses of Summer Feng

A couple of years ago, I was in Florence, Italy. I have just arrived in Piazza Michelangelo, admiring the breathtaking view, when a lovely girl approaches me. Her pale skin, long dark hair and very big and beautiful smile greeted me with so much joy that I’ve felt that I have known her for years. She introduces herself: Summer!

What a beautiful name, I say. She who is named after the most beautiful season, must be such a lively and fun person! And yes, she is!

Summer is from Yunnan, China and after she studied Journalism, she enrolled at the University of Leeds, UK to study Photography & Film. At that time, she was working at her graduation project called “Strangers”.  She challenged herself to photograph 100 strangers all across the world to capture the various, beautiful nature of people.  I was honored to be one of them and part of her project!

Strangers by Summer FengThe beauty of meeting strangers is that some of them can become friends and this is the case with Summer as we kept in touch and she was so thrilled to share with me the project when it was done. After graduation, she started working as a photographer and travel to some of the most beautiful places. Here are just a few, seen through her lenses.



Fushimi-ku, Kyoto




Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi, Vietnam



Thank you so much, Summer, for sharing a glimpse of your travels! I can’t wait to see your future adventures!

Follow Summer on Instagram to see more of her beautiful photography and take part in her amazing travels!

Follow Summer on Instagram

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  1. mariana carmen i popa says:

    Amazing photos and unique places. World is so beautiful!

    1. Yes, indeed! So much to see, explore and admire 🙂

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