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I Am Love

I am love. I am passion.

I am a strong beam of light.

I am power. I am noise. I am darkness.

I am the wild thought that runs through your mind.

I am my journey. My adventure. I seek and I learn. I fly and I devour.

I am the flower that blooms into colors. The flower that doesn’t hide its spins.

I am not weak, I am not just a breath… just an image for your satisfaction.

I am creativity. I am honor. I am truth.

I am real. I am rich… in emotions. Rich in feelings and in memories. I am rich.

You couldn’t find just one label for me – not in a million years.

I am love. I am happiness.

I am everything. All the stars that dance in the world. All the molecules that create you. All the sounds of music. All the dazzling rhythms.

Photo by 3Motional Studio 

My blood runs in all continents. All the worlds are wrapped up in me and I am all the worlds.

We are one and I am all.

The queen and the slave, the child and the elderly, the man and the woman…

I will not wait for you to give me permission. I will not be shy. I will not be “good” and the girl who listens and obeys. I will throw away my manners if I have to.

I will lock away my pride, my fear and my vengeance. I will reveal myself, nude and pure… with all my daring dreams and my beautiful wishes.

I am love. I am…

Photo by Max Ravier 

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