I Am Freedom

I was 14 when I called myself a “free spirit”, having tattooed this idea on my back. My spine now moves in the rhythm of the dancing letters on my upper back. 17 years passed and not once did I feel to cover it up.

This idea that I have discovered at such a young age made me believe in it more with every year that passed.

I am freedom. I am light.

This became my mantra, the value that I cherish the most. My freedom.

You can take it all, but not my freedom.

Everyone that I have met along the way tried to capture just a tiny bit of it, to steal a small piece of shine for themselves… Some of them didn’t know what to do with it. But others knew…

There are people who are freedom too!

People who share your ideals, who crave freedom more than anything else and who would do anything to have it and keep it!

I am storm. I am courage.

Photo by Joshua Abner, IG @weivstudios

There were times when I was afraid to speak my mind and afraid to use my freedom or to show how much I love it. I was afraid to let others know that I know what to do with it!

Then, my paths crossed with other free spirits and I felt complete.

We are strength. We are power.

We are the sharp arrow that penetrates the bubble of color.

We are wild and untamed.

We are truth and will not stay in line.

We are the thinkers and the fighters… the rebels and the lovers…

The passionate and the survivors…

We are freedom and there is no other way…

Photo by Max Ravier, IG @maxravier

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