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The Fight

International Women’s Day is celebrated now all over the world and it all began in 1908 when thousands of women protested in New York against poor working conditions and much lower payment for women.

One year later, in 1909, the first National Women’s Day was celebrated in honor of that strike. It took 11 more years though to get the right to vote…

In 1910, Clara Zetkin proposed an International Women’s Day in Copenhagen, at the International Conference of Working Women. All the 100 women attended unanimously agreed to the idea and countries like Austria, Germany, Denmark and Switzerland started celebrating this day one year later.

History was made, but now, more than 100 years later we still have a long way to go…

Women are still being discriminated in many parts of the world, have just gained the right to vote a couple of years ago in some places and even if the law is equal for both genders, we know that the way people think, the way people interact and the unspoken privileges that some have by nature are still far from equal, even in the most well developed countries.

Fearless Women

But, we do have a voice! Thanks to amazing fearless women who opened up the doors for you and I, now we feel less fear and we feel empowered to speak our mind!

Fashion is and has always been a great tool of expression and of conveying messages into designs, into shapes, colors, forms and styles! This is how TEYXO was born – from the need of empowerment, of bringing more colors into the world, of telling women – and not only – all over the world that: your body is right, darling!

Your Body. Your Style

Be free, express yourself and dare to wear what you like, without following any trends or opinions! Don’t forget that art is very subjective and fashion is also a form of art and if we learn a bit of history, we see that both the body ideal and the styles and trends CHANGE.

Sometimes, they even fade and come back into the spotlight years later. So, don’t be a fashion victim, but create your own style and choose whatever you like from the market! You have so many options nowadays, so why stick to some basic boring trends dictated by just a few people, when you can spoil yourself with all the funky colors and all the asymmetrical cuts!

Spoil yourself with denim jackets and boho tops! Wear that hippie ethnic jewelry that you like so much and dare to wear that fantastic open back dress! Who cares that you are not a supermodel? You can wear whatever you want and that’s the whole essence of empowerment!


The EMPOWER brand new collection is another brick that we put in our legacy! We want to open up doors to many young women out there and not only, to many wise people out there who just couldn’t embrace their true self until now! You’ve got this, darling! Now, let’s conquer!

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