Johan De Jager

Don’t Shrink Yourself for Anyone

Being “Too Much”…

I have heard that I am “Too Much” so many times in my life that I can’t even remember.

At first, that scared me. What does it even mean? Too much? Am I too loud? Do I steal the thunder or what does it really mean?

I felt that I needed to conform… to be less…

Luckily, I couldn’t. It just didn’t feel right… Being less was not right…

I am what I am and my energy just skyrockets from time to time

I can’t just smile and look pretty

I can’t swallow my thoughts just because that makes you uncomfortable

I will not apologize for being both smart & hot

I will not apologize for my success

I will not shrink myself for anyone

Photo by @ivandrei_photography on IG


Then, I have understood… maybe it was not me being “too much”, but some people couldn’t keep up.

Some people might be scared of you and of what you can achieve…

My dear, you can be anything that you want to be! Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t… YOU CAN!

You can be brilliant and sexy, funny and crazy, silly and adorable, sweet and tough, determined and brave

You can have a fantastic career and be a great mom

You can be a leader, a champion, a visionary

You can be successful

You can be exactly as you want to be. You can dress as you want, in colorful fun clothes and extravagant denim dresses.

You can dress up like a QUEEN if you feel like it!

You can be loud, you can laugh and have fun

You can speak your mind and say what bothers you

You can act against the status quo

You can follow your dreams and you can reach to the stars, without making any compromise

You can be simply AMAZING

Don’t be less FABULOUS

Don’t apologize for the fire that burns inside you!

Don’t put out that fire…

Don’t let anyone stop you!

Don’t shrink yourself for anyone!

Photography cover by Johan De Jager IG @vividdportraits

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