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Beauty Has No Age: Rosa Saito Conquers the Fashion World at 71

Once upon a time – not so long ago – the careers of women in modeling or acting would have come to an end in their 40s or even 30s. In Hollywood, a woman in her 30s would have started to get the roles of mothers and no way they could have ever played a leading role. The fashion industry had even stricter rules and the beauty standards imposed were insanely oppressive. Today’s society is changing, thanks to fearless women all over the world that are smashing all the beauty stereotypes, proving in fact that beauty has no age and who breathe beauty, grace, elegance and confidence.

Rosa Saito is the perfect example. She is a 71-year-old fashion model who proves that beauty and talent go beyond any standards and do not fade away with age, on the contrary, they are getting better and better. She started her career at 68, having a passion for arts and design, so her adventurous spirit has led her to the stage.

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The beauty itself is in really taking care of your thoughts, your spirituality. The person can become beautiful, captivating, friendly – this is much more than the all stretched and perfect beauty. It’s the content that counts, in my opinion.

Rosa Saito

Born in São Paulo, Brazil, her real name is Setsuko Saito, but she changed it to Rosa Saito to make it easier for the world to remember it. She was very creative from early childhood, singing, dancing and telling stories in her school, being the center of attention so she was sure that she would pursue a career in arts one day. However, life was not easy with her and at only 22 she had to take care of her sick mother and shortly afterwards, she became a mother herself of 3 and had to raise them all by herself as she lost her husband in 2000.

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Model by Chance

Rosa never thought of becoming a model, but she was approached by agencies not once, but three times and since three is the lucky charm, she started considering it more seriously. She mentions that all life she had to take care of someone and now, she finally could focus on herself and why not give it a shot and see how it goes.

I feel beautiful to myself.

Rosa Saito
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She loves to take care of herself and lives in a very natural way. She never takes aspirins or anything chemical and uses aloe, coconut oil, olive oil. She also practices physical exercises and that was long before starting her modeling career. Rosa also has a beautiful relationship with nature and plants, finding peace in them.

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I don’t believe aging is the right word. I would say more learn. I keep learning and I feel that the more I learn, the less I know. Surely time passes, but what is time, my God in heaven? If I were to give my soul an age, I would give it 22.

Rosa Saito
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Follow Rosa Saito’s beautiful journey and inspiration on her Instagram @rosa.saito

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