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7.8 Billion Heartbeats

One heartbeat

One breath

Same blood

The same senses

What I feel, YOU Feel

What hurts me, hurts you too

We are the same

The color of my skin cannot dictate my destiny

My sex cannot lock my dreams

My sexual orientation has nothing to do with my power

Blue eyes, black eyes, green eyes, big… small… How come these differences do not matter?

Tall, short, skinny, curvy, athletic… We come in all shapes, sizes and colors… and this is what makes the world go round!

This is our STRENGTH!

Together: different, yet THE SAME

We feel the SAME… One heartbeat… One breath…

Our dreams, thoughts, ambitions, passion, vision, ideas and actions make us STRONGER TOGETHER.

All our talents combined brought us here, in this present day!


Imagine if the world would be 7.8 billion COPIES OF YOU

I wouldn’t want to live in the world like that… it would drive you insane

7.8 billion heartbeats

You are ONLY ONE

RESPECT and LOVE every single one of them 

This poem is a reflection of what is happening in the world today. 7.8 billion heartbeats are in the world right now, with you and I. We are the same and share the same heartbeat, same breath, same blood.

It’s what we don’t see that makes us different: our passions, dreams, ambitions, achievements and ideas. This is what makes us unique! I hope this message reaches as many people as possible, as I dream of a world where we are all truly equal, where love wins every time and where we all belong…

Watch The Video

After I wrote these words, I have decided to make a video too and you can enjoy it below! Thank you so much for visiting TEYXO Lifestyle Magazine & Hub! We can shape a better future! We can change the world TOGETHER!

Cover Photography by Anna Shvets

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