10 Ways To Live a Life Without Regrets

Ah… regrets… We all have them, right? Even if they are the tiniest things like “Why haven’t I kissed her?” or “Why didn’t I take that trip?” We start to have this little questions that grow inside us, because we realize that it is all about TIMING.

Time flies and there are moments in life that will never return. There are things that you like now and you might not be interested in a couple of years. The more you do, the richer you will become. We regret the things that we didn’t do, right? We never regret what we already did… even if we are not proud of everything, but we learn to come at peace with the past.

1. Be True to Yourself

This is the most important thing, because if you live in a lie, you will never be happy. Getting to know who you really are and what you like, regardless of society and all the other people around you, is crucial for your future, starting from right this very second… Stop compromising! Be true to your values, your needs and your dreams…

2. Say “I Love You!”

Say it without fear, bluntly and when you truly mean it! Being comfortable with expressing your feelings, without the fear of being hurt and without feeling weak is actually a sign of power. Showing your vulnerability without fear means that you are a strong individual with high morals and integrity.

3. Don’t Swallow Your Emotions

From love to anger, let your emotions go. Are you going through a break up? Ok, consume that sadness before you move on. Let yourself live everything, no matter how painful it is. Cry if you feel like it! And laugh with all your heart when you feel like laughing! But don’t dump your emotions on other people. Deal with them yourself! Sure, happiness can and should be spread!

4. Don’t Be Afraid of Failures

Everyone fails. To tell you the truth, everyone is scared as hell! The difference is what they do with that fear. Successful people have learned to overcome the fear and turn failures into learning curves. You write your life story! Every great story has turning points, failures and tensed moments. Would you rather live a mediocre life or an Oscar-winning film?

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5. Embrace Your Weirdness

This is linked to being true to yourself, but it is also about accepting who you really are, with all the good and the bad, all the qualities and flaws. We are all weird! From strange habits to crazy likes, we are a puzzle of silly things that we do daily, of funny moments and exploding emotions. Why do you think we like so much comedies with goofy characters? Inside we are all kind of goofy and it is relaxing to see on screen someone who is not afraid to be completely ridiculous.

6. Learn to Let Go

Our time is short. Really short. But we often feel invincible. We hold on to grudges and we consume sometimes our energy on silly things. Learn to let go! Don’t waste any time in explaining yourself, in making others believe your point of view or convincing them of anything. It’s really not important! We feel and think differently, so we just have to face that and move on.

7. Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

Lighten up! Have fun! Let yourself make mistakes and don’t be so hard on yourself! Don’t take things too seriously either. If they won’t matter next year, well for sure they don’t matter 5 minutes of your time.

8. Dare to Dream and Take Risks

Just do it, my dear! It doesn’t matter how hard it is or how many times you will fail. It matters that you have tried and one day you might become successful. Even if you don’t, you will not have any regret and you will for sure learn something about yourself, other and the world on that adventure. Give yourself that journey! You will at least have a fantastic story when you will be older!

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9. Be Selective

As important as saying “I love you!” is saying “Fuck off!” You don’t need to listen to anyone and you do not need that bad vibe around you. Ignore and remove from your life anyone who tries to drag you down, even not willingly. Toxic friends or partners are more dangerous than your enemies. Love with all your heart the people that strengthen you and that admire you.

10. Believe in Yourself

Believe with all your heart in yourself. You are the most important person in your life! Don’t come second! You can achieve anything that you want! You can be whoever you want to be! Talent and success come hand in hand with tons of training and work. Remember that we all have 24 hours. What do you do with them, that is the important question?

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