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10 Surprising Fashion Facts You Never Knew (But Should!)

From the latest vibrant runway trends to the timeless classics, fashion has always enchanted us with daring creations, visionary styles and playful patterns and fabrics. But, I bet there are lots of surprising fashion facts that you have never heard of. So, let’s dive in today into some of these mind-blowing fashion facts and explore the mesmerizing world of fashion!

Fact #1 The World’s Oldest Dress

Did you know that the world’s oldest dress, dating back to 5,000 BC, was discovered in Egypt just one century ago? It is named The Tarkhan Dress, after the Tarkhan cemetery south of Cairo, which was found in 1913. This remarkable discovery shed light on the fashion sense of a woman from the First Dynasty. Crafted from linen, the dress boasts a simple T-shape design with short sleeves, astonishingly well-preserved despite its ancient origins.

Today, this awe-inspiring relic finds its place of honor at the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology within the prestigious University of Cambridge. Such a groundbreaking find serves as a testament to the enduring significance of fashion throughout human history.

Fact #2 The Bikini was named after a Nuclear Test Site

The bikini is a popular swimwear style that has been around since the 1940s. However, did you know that the bikini was named after a nuclear test site? In 1946, French designer Louis Reard created the bikini and named it after Bikini Atoll, a site in the Pacific Ocean where the United States had conducted nuclear tests. Reard believed that the revealing two-piece swimsuit would be just as explosive as the nuclear tests.

The bikini was initially met with controversy and criticism for being too revealing. However, it soon became a popular swimwear style and has remained a staple in women’s fashion ever since. The bikini has also been the subject of many fashion trends, such as the thong bikini and the high-waisted bikini. Whether you prefer a classic bikini or a trendy style, this swimwear piece is a must-have for any beach vacation.

Micheline Bernardini, the French dancer who first posed in a bikini / Credit: AFP/Getty Images

Fact #3 Blue Jeans were invented by Levi Strauss in 1873

In 1873, a visionary named Levi Strauss, a German, drawn to the United States by the allure of the Gold Rush, revolutionized the world of fashion with a groundbreaking invention: blue jeans. Strauss observed the demanding conditions faced by miners and recognized the need for sturdy and resilient pants that could withstand their hard work. Teaming up with a skilled tailor named Jacob Davis, they set out to create denim pants with an innovative touch – copper rivets were added to enhance durability.

The introduction of blue jeans proved to be an instant sensation, captivating the hearts of cowboys, farmers, and laborers alike. Over time, these denim wonders transcended their humble origins and became a symbol of American fashion. Today, they are being worn worldwide, embraced by literally everyone regardless of age, income or background.

Fact #4 The First Fashion Magazine was published in Germany in 1586

Fashion magazines are a popular source of inspiration for many people. However, did you know that the first fashion magazine was published in Germany in 1586? The magazine was called The Book of Clothes and contained illustrations of the latest fashion trends. Moreover, it was created by an accountant called Matthaeus Schwarz. The magazine was a hit and soon spread throughout Europe.

Fact #5 The First Fashion Show was held in Paris in 1858

Fashion shows are now a crucial part of the fashion industry. They offer a platform for new designers and for the established ones to showcase their latest collections and launch the dazzling trends of the seasons.

However, did you know that the first fashion show was held in Paris in 1858? It was organized by Charles Frederick Worth, who is considered the father of haute couture. The show was a huge success and soon became a regular event in the fashion industry.

Fact #6 The Most Expensive Pair of Shoes ever sold were the Ruby Slippers from The Wizard of Oz

The Ruby Slippers, renowned for their iconic status in The Wizard of Oz, hold a unique distinction: they are the most valuable shoes ever sold. In 2000, a pair worn by Judy Garland in the film fetched an astounding price of $666,000 at auction. These dazzling slippers are one of the symbols of Hollywood glamour and have served as a wellspring of inspiration for numerous fashion designers throughout the years.

Fact #7 The First High Heels were worn by Persian soldiers in the 16th century

High heels are a staple of modern fashion, but did you know that they were originally designed for men? The first high heels were worn by Persian soldiers in the 16th century. They were designed to help the soldiers keep their feet in the stirrups while riding horses.

High heels eventually became popular among European aristocrats, who saw them as a symbol of status and wealth. In the 19th century, high heels became a staple of women’s fashion and they have remained popular ever since.

Persian shoes made of shagreen (horse leather colored with crushed mushroom seeds) / Photographer: David Stevenson and Eva Tkaczuk / Copyright © 2017 Bata Shoe Museum, Toronto, Canada

Fact #8 The Birkin Bag by Hermes was invented on an Airplane

The story behind the Birkin bag by Hermes is a fascinating fashion fact that captivates fashion enthusiasts and collectors alike. Named after the renowned actress Jane Birkin, this luxurious handbag originated from a chance encounter between Birkin and Jean-Louis Dumas, the then CEO of Hermes, during a flight.

As the story goes, Birkin expressed her dissatisfaction with the handbag she was carrying, prompting Dumas to create a custom-designed bag to suit her needs. Crafted with meticulous craftsmanship using the finest materials, the Birkin bag quickly became an iconic symbol of luxury and exclusivity. Its timeless design, coupled with its limited availability and high price tag, has made it a coveted accessory among fashion connoisseurs, making the story of the Birkin bag a remarkable tale within the world of fashion.

Jane Birkin and the unique Hermès Birkin bag / Credit: Jun Sato/VogueUK/Getty Images

Fact #9 The True Meaning behind “Dressing For Success”

Dressing for success is a phrase that’s often used in the business world, but did you know that it has its roots in the 1970s feminist movement? The phrase was popularized by John T. Molloy, a fashion consultant who believed that the way you dressed could affect your success in the workplace.

However, the concept of dressing for success was initially introduced by feminist author and activist Betty Friedan, who believed that women should dress professionally to gain respect in the workplace. Today, the phrase is still used to encourage people to dress professionally and present themselves in the best possible light.

Betty Friedan, 1965 / Credit: Jim Seymour/The LIFE Images Collection/Getty

Fact #10 The Little Black Dress became popular after Coco Chanel featured it in Vogue

The little black dress, a timeless fashion icon, gained popularity thanks to Coco Chanel‘s feature in Vogue. During the 1920s, Chanel introduced a chic and understated black dress, which quickly captured attention and earned the title Chanel little black dress.

The dress gained even more popularity in the following decades, reaching its peak with the fabulous Audrey Hepburn in Holly Golightly‘s role in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. From my point of view, that was the true golden moment of the little black dress.

Audrey Hepburn in The Little Black Dress / Credit: Vogue / Photo: Getty Images

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