Fashion and Confidence

Confidence is rather a tricky thing that you are not born with or without, but it is slowly and carefully build. Moreover, it can shatter and break at any time in your life. Both men and women are dealing with this and even though you are a confident person most of the times, there are moments when you lack it and when you are in doubt.

Women are more likely to feel less confident and in a recent study made by Dove, only 4% of the women thought that they are beautiful. 4%!!! That is insane! 96% thought that they are unattractive or even ugly. Is this because media constantly makes us insecure so that they can sell us the solution? Is it because girls are taught to be gentle, fragile, emotional and “good”, while boys are taught to fight and stand up for themselves?

Luckily, time’s up! Women and girls have became more united across the world and they have realized they are indeed an unstoppable force! Media is also changing its direction and films have started to say the stories of strong female characters, while working on improving and building sheroes. 

There is a long way to go, but in many countries things have evolved greatly in the last 100 years with a positive outcome. Equal rights are now a reality in most countries, yet, are you confident?

Fashion has contributed both at taking your confidence away by promoting skinny unrealistic models and at giving it back through the freedom of expression that it offers. Fashion is a great tool of empowerment and used wisely, it can become the channel of building the next generations of sheroes. 

Watch the inspirational video below that we created especially for you!

“Stand up and protect your dream!” 

P.S.: Don’t forget that the greatest people in the world lacked confidence at some point and were scared, but the great achievement is what you do in spite of your fear!

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