What is BEAUTY?

beauty in history

Beauty is such a debatable concept and the human being has always been attracted by this combination of qualities that create and build up the “beauty” in things. But since we all have different tastes and we all perceive the world in a different way, BEAUTY is also a PERCEPTION and can be a different […]

Sunday Travel Diary: Athens, Greece


Sundays should be all about relaxation, chilling out and planning the next escapade. That is why we thought to bring you every Sunday a fun article on traveling, culture, food or any other amazing topic that would offer you this escapism. Today’s topic is Athens, Greece. Athens is one of the oldest cities in the […]

The Perfect Body

In the last few years, advertising has changed a lot and especially women advertising has evolved and we have started to see more “real” women in ads and no longer the insanely skinny, perfect and photoshopped model. This is great but I think we still have a long way to go as TV networks, the […]

The Benefits of Custom Made Clothing

I know! “Custom made” sounds so posh and… expensive, right? It also seems a bit complicated, but let me walk you through the amazing benefits of Custom Made clothing and I am sure that you will never want to make any purchase other way! When we first started the brand in 2014 we knew that […]

The Lifestyle Magazine & Hub

Since our beginnings, we have been orientated to the customer. To get to know us better, I am an actress & designer from Romania who teamed up with her mom, also a fashion designer with years of experience and great craft. We have both realized that we could never find unique clothes, out-of-the-box clothes that […]

TEYXO – Your Body is Right

Welcome to TEYXO: the place you will love right away, the place where elegance meets comfort and where you can be genuine, real and true! This is your affordable high fashion shop just one click away! We have recently launched our lifestyle magazine & hub too on teyxostyle.com hoping to bring you daily inspiration, amazing […]